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Acting jobsAn acting career in film or theatre or TV is one of the few vocational paths that provides the possibility of excellent financial opportunity and fame without requiring extensive education. Uusally actors are trained through acting schools, private insitutions, but it is more popular for actors to find work based solely on their experience, talent and also looks and appearance. So, it is better to start preparing for a acting career at a young age. Acting can be a challenging and rewarding career.

Educational Requirements to Become an Actor While natural talents are ofcourse very important, there are many who join this line by proper training. It is better to obtain a formal education to get to know the intricate details of acting. This becomes all the more necessary if you need to give live performance as in theater/dramatics without any retake.

You can enroll in a bachelor's degree program in theater, or in radio and television broadcasting. In a theater course there are subjects like as follows:

  • Play analysis
  • Voice improvisation
  • Body language
  • Technical theater laboratory
  • Acting for the camera
  • Dialects and accents
  • Televised acting
  • Choreographing violent scenes
  • Improvisational styles
  • Physical performances
  • Character studies etc.
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The radio and television program of study include classes like electronic media management, mass communications, media production, and television production. You can also acquire an advanced degree, like a Master of Fine Arts in Performing Arts, particularly if you'd like to become a stage actor.

There are curriculum offering courses like professional practice, graduate studio, costume design, scene design and sound production. Other methods where you gain eduation and experience are:
  • By performing in high school & university
  • Performing in local theater productions
  • Acting conservancy
  • Street Plays
  • Drama coaches
  • Dialect coaches
  • Acting Workshops etc.
Sometimes, it is pure luck which gives you name, fame and money. In the field of acting, it is also important for actors to have several skills such as dancing, swimming, singing, playing an instrument, etc. Two of the most frustrating aspects of the acting cateer are the intense competition and the continual rejection (but then these are common occupational hazards.)

Acting Career Opportunities There are actors that work in television studios, theatres, or film production companies. An actor can be a film actor or a television actor or a theater personalilty. Film is probably the most popular medium for actors. Some get the lead roles, some are supporting actors and some are just extras enacting just one- or two-line roles. Today television is also a popular medium for acting jobs. Besides these, actors also find work as voice-over and narration actors for advertisements, animated features, computer games. They may also find work opportunities in cabarets, nightclubs, commercials, theme parks, and live shows. Experienced actors are also invided for giving lectures for training and awareness purposes.

Role of an Actor Actors play a pivotal role in the interpretation of a writer's script. Working as an actor requires reading scripts, memorizing dialogues, auditioning, rehearsing. Actors use their voice, facial expressions, body movements to enact the role of various characters and communicate ideas. They should perform in a manner which is consistent with the character they are portraying. An actor or actress also needs to research their characters, study script dialogue and rehearse their performances. They should be able to perform and express their emotions, gestures and facial expressions in front of their fellow actors and of course the director. Depending upon what is called for in the script, an actor must be capable of enacting various roles. To survive in acting you must have a passion for it, you must have patience.

Acting Schools in India
  • Film and Television Institute of India or FTII , Pune. The Institute offers 2 year PG Diploma in Acting.
  • The Barry John Acting studio, Mumbai. It offers various courses including the Diploma and Certificate courses in acting.
  • National School of Drama (NSD),Delhi. NSD offers a 3 year course which leads to PG diploma in Dramatic Arts.
  • Anupan Kher’s , Actor Prepares: The institute offers full time and part time course in acting.The institute has branches in Mumbai,Ahmedabad and Chandigarh.
  • Whistling Woods International: Subhash Ghai is the chairman of Whistling Woods International, Mumbai.The courses include a 2 year course in acting.
  • Roshan Taneja Acting Studio: Roshan Taneja Acting Studio in Mumbai offers 6 months course in acting.
  • Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT) , Noida : AAFT offers 3 months and 1 year programs in acting.
  • Center for Research in Art of Film and Television (CRAFT): This is located in Rohini institutional Area,Delhi and has a course in acting.
  • Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute, Mumbai: Offers 3 months course in acting.
  • Delhi Film Institute, Delhi: The institute offers 2 months acting course in acting.
  • Zee academy of media arts (ZIMA), Mumbai: Offers a 3 month course in acting.