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Details on agriculture jobs, how to get agricultural jobs and companies offering agriculture jobs in India and abroad. Listed are agriculture consultants for government jobs in agriculture. Also read agriculture job description, education requirement and list of agriculture colleges and universities.

Agriculture Job Agriculture jobs in India are really sought after as these are one of the never ending jobs. This is because, agriculture is an indispensable part of our society. In order to survive, human beings need food and that comes from agriculture. Earlier agriculture was just the farming and mere a need rather than a profession. But at present farming is not only a need but a profession. Agriculture is the part of every nation's economy as many food products are exported to other countries. Manpower Consultants of India have been able to find a wide range of agriculture jobs for candidates.
So keep the society self-sufficient in terms of food, growth and economy the country must have a sustainable agriculture industry. To have sustainable agriculture the country needs, agriculture scientists, farmers, agricultural engineers, animal husbandry scientist who can give quality food through research and keep a vigil on the food, grain, fruit production.
Major Agriculture Jobs Description: Agricultural Jobs in India Some of the most lucrative career options in agriculture or agriculture jobs in India are as follows:

Agricultural Inspectors
Agriculture job as agricultural inspector is all about checking the quality of fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat and grains. As an agricultural inspector you must know the laws related to the health, safety and quality of meat, fruits, vegetables, poultry and eggs. In this type of agriculture job numerous visits to the site are made by the agricultural inspector for inspection. Samples are then taken for the test. To test the livestock for any kind of disease, agricultural inspector takes the veterinarian along.

To become an agriculture inspector one must complete the courses in biology or agricultural science or complete the Bachelors in Agriculture. This is a four year regular degree from college or University. Work hours in this agriculture job are long and irregular.

Farm Manager
Farm manager in agriculture jobs manages the whole farm and the farm manager responsibilities depend upon the size of the farm. Under him or her are the various operations of farm and their coordination. Farm manager on small farm look after the entire process and also do some of the manual labor. Whereas farm manager of a large farm instead of whole process looks after the single facet of the agriculture that can be growing, selling, procuring, storing or marketing.

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As a farm manager in agriculture job you will have to look after the the crops, their growing period, harvesting, plantation of next crop. Also you will have to look after which crop to grow, which variety and how to grow. Also there are many full time as well as part time employees for manual labor. If you are interested to become a farm manager then you can get the two-four years degree in farm management. Also you can opt for agricultural economics, animal science, business, dairy or crop management.

Horticultural Consultant
Horticultural consultant in agricultural can be a business specialist, or technical specialist who look into the matter of their client and give them possible solution. Analysis of yield and how much in the financial return is also checked. In this agriculture job operational cost, environmental assessment, writing technical manuals, providing expert opinion etc. If you are looking for a job as horticulture consultant then you can check the plant and tree nurseries, farmers, botanical gardens, public gardens, commercial growers of crops or flowers and other public spaces.

Dairy Manager
Agricultural jobs in dairy manager need the expert who can plan the dairy production as per market requirement, maintain the quality standards, reduce the waste production, Person looking for a agriculture job in dairy management can either do B.Sc. In Dairy Technology or B.Tech or B.E. In Agriculture.

Agricultural Engineer
Agricultural engineer is a very flourishing career in agriculture jobs. As an agricultural engineer you will have to be equipped with the agriculture technology, biological sciences, farm, power and machinery, soil and water conservation, agricultural products and their production. Also many other things are taken care in this agriculture job which are diseases of plant and animal and their control, insect control. All in all the agricultural engineer job is one of the most challenging agriculture jobs.

Government Jobs in Agriculture
There are ample opportunities in government jobs in agriculture. You can become Agricultural Research Scientist (ARS) but these agriculture jobs in India are given to the candidates who clear the ARS-NET, an entrance examination,. After clearing this exam candidate will become lecturer in agriculture. After this you can also go for the agricultural job as Agriculture Development Officers (ADO) that is of same level to Block Development Officers (BDO). This too needs the clearing of entrance examination.

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Private Jobs in Agriculture If you want to join private sector then you become a Research Scientist there. You will work in the laboratories. This agriculture job needs education till doctoral level i.e. Ph. D.

You can become also become Farm Technician (after class X), Scientist I, Scientist II and Scientist III Workshop Staff and Lab Technician. These jobs in agriculture are published by the Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), New Delhi.

Agriculture Companies in India Agriculture jobs in India are also growing in number as India is a agriculture rich country. There are many firms and companies who are offereing agriculture jobs in India. These include, Rapid Overseas, M.M Tractors, Shaheen Foods Ltd, Silver Stringz Group, ECL Agrotech Limited, VNR Seeds Private Limited, Albarakah Feed Mill,Danish Corporation, WGW Company, Go Green Nursery Pvt. Ltd, Skilled Management Corporation etc. Also there are many agricultural consultants who are search agriculture jobs for you.

Jobs in agriculture are also given in commercial firms and recruiting young people who have the education in this sector. In commercial firms agricultural jobs are related to agricultural finance, transportation, grading, sales, storage and finance. Wholesale and retail market of agriculture is covered here.

You can agriculture job search in the following companies Seeds Companies
  • A.G.Sunseeds (I) Pvt.Ltd.
  • Advanta India Limited
  • Agro Biotech
  • Balaji Seed
  • Bhakti Biotech Pvt.Ltd.
  • Daftari Agro Private Limited
Flower Companies
  • Indo American Hybrid Seeds (India) Pvt.Ltd
  • Novartis India: Seeds Division
  • Namdhari Seeds (Pvt) Ltd
Vegetable Companies
  • Namdhari Seeds (Pvt) Ltd
  • Century Seeds Pvt.Ltd
  • Indo-American Hybrid Seeds (India) Pvt.Ltd
  • Nath Royal Ltd
  • Proagro Seed Company Ltd
  • Sunseeds India Private Limited
Agricultural Consultants in India Shella Consultants, Mumbai, Maharashtra +(91)-(22)-40467600 (30 lines)
Benchmark Consultants, Karol Bagh, New Delhi +(91)-(11)-23535394

Education Requirement for Agriculture Jobs There are many kinds of agriculture jobs and almost all the agricultural jobs except for few like farm and ranch workers need proper education from the University or college. There are many subjects that are studied if you are looking for jobs in agriculture. These can be
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Fisheries Science
  • Forestry
  • Home Science
  • Sericulture
  • Veterinary Science
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • dairy Technology
  • Food Science & Technology
  • Agriculture Marketing
  • Banking & Cooperation
BSc in Agriculture
You can do B.Sc. in agriculture covering these subjects. After completing the B.Sc you can go for the M.Sc in agriculture specializing any of the subject. Here you can pick
  • Agri Botany, Agri Bio-Technology, Agri Chemistry; Agri Economics, Agri Extension, Agri Engineering, Agri Statistics & Agri Zoology, Agri Entomology
  • Agronomy
  • Extension Education
  • Forestry, Social Forestry
  • Farming System Management
  • Horticulture Mycology, Micro Biology, Nematology, Plant Physiology, Ecology, Plant Pathology, Seed
  • Technology
  • Soil Science, Soil Conservation
  • Sericulture
  • Tea Husbandry
List of Agriculture Colleges, Universities and Institutes In India