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Airline JobsFor someone who is looking for a career that offers a tradition of service, growth, and excitement, the world of aviation beckons. Aviation offers many varied opportunities for exciting and rewarding careers. Some require a considerable amount of training, while others are available at the entry level. Depending on the working environment preferred, one may find him aloft in the cockpit or cabin of a plane, on solid ground in an office, on a production line, or on an airport ramp.

A career in aviation is one of the most exciting and rewarding career options today! Get the help of reliable Manpower Consultants to find relevant aviation jobs.
With privatization and foreign collaboration increasing every day, the future in airline industry is bright. Most International Airline Offices are looking to increasing their fleet and there is a demand for Indians in fields like, air hostesses, flight stewards, ground hostess and pilots.

The Job Demands
Entry level positions with an airline cover a wide variety of operations and duties. Most of these positions involve extensive customer service contact requiring b interpersonal and communication skills. No previous experience is required, although you may be required to work evening or early-morning hours, adhere to a strict physical appearance, and lift heavy objects. Entry level positions such as Pilot, or Mechanic require speciallicenses and/or specific previous work experience.

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Career in Airline Industry
There is something inherently peculiar and singular to the airline industry. Placed in the context of any other industry, the allowance to increase capacity and access is assumed to translate into more revenue.

Such a huge industry requires a vast number of people with a variety of skills. Skills specific to aviation include :

Ground services
Traffic, operations, crewing, performance, route planning, passenger services or management.

Flight crew
Training captain, command Pilot, co-pilot or flight engineer.

Cabin crew
Flight attendants: First class, number one, two, three, trainer, corporate/vip or management.

Commercial, sales, finance, administration, marketing, IT, personnel, senior management or director.

Licensed engineers for airframe, engines and avionics

Cargo Managers and Handlers

Air Traffic Controllers.

Other Career Opportunities
The aviation industry is huge, and interfaces with many other sectors. Chief among these are travel and tourism, hospitality, catering, retailing and security. Aircraft design, manufacture and maintenance are also enormous businesses that offer employment possibilities for the right person.

The International Recruiters holds many intangibles for the Indian Aviation Industry, which can't be measured in monetary terms. The imponderables are: a pulsating career, an opportunity to rub shoulders with people from all over the world, the ease with which one can enter the industry without having to clear grueling entrance tests, excellent future prospects for the performance-oriented, good monetary incentives and the fact that these skills are transferable anywhere in the world.