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Appraisal Form

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Performance appraisals are very very essential for the effective management and evaluation of employees in an organization. Check out here information on performance appraisal form, performance appraisal tips, sample appraisal form, appraisal tips for employees, employee appraisal form

Performance appraisal is meant to summarize and evaluate an individual's overall performance for the year. Generic performance attributes and definitions are provided for all employees. These attributes address an individual's knowledge, competence and skills as applied to one's work. However, Performance attributes may be added as needed in order to customize the form to the individual's position. Performance appraisals are very very essential for the effective management and evaluation of employees in an organization. These appraisals in turn promote individuals' skills and efficieny, improve organizational performance, and play a major role into the business planning of a company.

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Sample Appraisal Form Check out below the appraisal tips for employees. The sample appraisal form given below is to be filled by the employee:
Employee Name
Evaluation Period
Line Manager/Appraiser
How would you rate yourself on the Following

Attributes Score Max marks
Quantity of work    
Meeting job requirements on a timely basis   10
Quality of work    
Effectiveness & Accuracy   10
Knowledge of job    
extent to which the employee knows and demonstrates all phases of assigned work   10
Team Spirit   10
Decision Making Ability   10
Attendance, reliability and dependability   10
Planning and organizational effectiveness    
Meeting deadlines, managing resources, and balancing tasks.   10
Communication Skills   10
Initiative and creativity   10
Supervisory ability (if applicable)   10

What do I consider to be the important abilities that my job requires?
What are my major accomplishments for the past year?
What have I done for my personal and/or professional development
Employers Comments
Employee Signature/Date
Evaluator Signature/Date
Authorized Unit Administrator Signature/Date (if applicable)

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The Pre-appraisal Checklist (for the Employer) Set a calendar date and time in advance that is mutually convenient for both you and the employee to discuss your performance appraisal. This will allow enough time for each of you to do preparation. Manpower Consultants also help in preparng a proper appraisal form.

Make sure you have:
  • The job description and performance standards
  • Goals set from the last appraisal
  • Work rules and procedures
  • Any feedback or letters from customers/co-workers
  • Current disciplinary memos
  • The previous performance appraisal
  • If you have asked the employee to do a self-appraisal, be sure to obtain that early enough so you have a chance to review it as part of your preparation.
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Tips Before Filling Performance Appraisal Form Before filling out the appraisal form, check out the following:
  • List the main areas of responsibility
  • What the employee has done well
  • What the employee needs to improve in
  • What you can do to help the employee do a better job