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CCNA Certification Details and Cost

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If you are in the look out for a job in computer networking ot information technology, then CCNA certification is all that you need. CCNA is a certification by Cisco, which is an industry accepted and reputed IT certification. The full form of CCNA is Cisco Certified Network Associate but popularly it is always referred as CCNA. This certification is a must for those who want a growth in IT career and who want to endeavor in the fields of Cisco routers and switches.

About CCNA It is universally accepted that CCNA certificate ia premier certificate which gives the credibility of the candidate as a person who has excellent knowledge of the concepts and basics of networking, and as an industry-ready professional. CCNA job salaries have been very lucrative all throughout the world. It implies that competency has been attained in installing, configuring and operating different services for networks. Check out more in CCNA Dumps.

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This is an entry level certification. Generally, it is said that you should require a networking background for getting this certificate, but it is not mandatory. It is true that students with networking skills will be able to understand and learn the course contents better. For other students, it is just a matter of 6 to 8 months to prepare for the CCNA exam. It is basically a computer based exam for which you need to have mathematical ability, analytical skills, logical thinking skills and great presence of mind, including networking abilities to do well. Taking mock tests and practicing solving multiple choice questions is very essential to clear the CCNA examination.

CCNA Certification Details: Types of CCNA certificates The professionals who are awarded CCNA certified are considered to be experts in the installation and operation of a Wireless LAN, LAN and WAN, including the Switched Network Services. They professionals make use of the Cisco compatible instruments in the installation and maintenance of infrastructure in organizations they work for.

The basic requirement for obtaining the CCNA certification is that the individual needs to clear the ICND1 640-822 and ICND2 640-816 exams or a single 640-802 CCNA composite exam. There are some who prefer to offer services like troubleshooting of network devices, installation of network and identification of threats to networks. In such cases, they need to study CCNA security. For CCNA security certification, they should clear the IINS 640-553 exam.

There is also CCNA voice certification. This certificate helps to get jobs like voice technology manager, voice engineer etc. For this certification, the candidate should clear the IINS 640-553 exam.

Another CCNA certificate is the CCNA wireless certificate. Here the certified holder becomes an expert in configuring and implementing LAN's. For this particular certification, he should clear the 640-721 IUWNE exam.

CCNA Jobs After clearing the CCNA exam , the candidate becomes eligible for various jobs like as follows:
  • Network administrators
  • Network security manager
  • Network engineers etc.

CCNA Certification Cost 2011 The cost of Cisco CCNA certification cost is same globally. In 2011, the CCNA certification cost is around $250. If a student wants to take the two separate CCNA exams, then $125 is charged for each exam. The fees for the CCNP Composite (642-892) exam is $300. It is to be noted that the cost of books and study material are not included in the above fees. The CCNA certification requires renewal after every three years.
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