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The Diwali Festive Basket in India's Corporate World

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What are you expecting from your employer this Diwali? Well, this article provides inputs on some of the plans of the well-known organizations of India's corporate world this Diwali. What are these organizations planning to make their employees happy on the auspicious occasion of Diwali? It is a known fact that this Hindu festival of Indians is celebrated with lights, fun and festivities and exchanging or giving gifts is a part and parcel of the celebrations. It is that time of the year when the employees look forward to their Diwali bonus or gifts from their employers.

Well, as an employee, what do you expect this time? A box of sweets or something big? The corporate world gets geared up with gifts galore during this time to enjoy the celebrations. According to a report published on the Times of India by Arshie Chevalwala, India Inc. is planning to surprise you this Diwali season with some interesting gifting options. It is said the Indian corporate world has considered the idea of giving Diwali gifts this season in a different way, not like the usual way of giving sweets or decorative objects or utility items. Rather, India Inc. is planning to give gifts, that are personal and make an employee feel valued.

Diwali Gift

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So,what are employers gifting their employees this Diwali? Jyoti Rai, American Express, India, HR Head, says, "It is vital that employers understand that different employees have different needs/preferences; thus making giving away gifts that suit each employee’s tastes difficult. American Express has introduced a unique concept of prepaid gift cards for corporations in India. It is as an efficient and a convenient tool to reward and recognize employees as well as offer compliments of the season."

A paid voucher as a Diwali gift helps the employees to purchase what they wish and that way it is a useful gift option. Some other companies are arranging a voting system where there is a list of available options and the employees have to choose which gift is best suited for them .

Sandyp Bhattacharya,VP,HR, Comviva says, "Employee gifts are not only linked to festive occasions, but also based on constant appreciation that organisations run through their reward programmes". According to him, the online employee voting system makes every employee of Comviva the right to choose what suits him or her the most. Being a part of the decision increases morale, sense of ownership and Sandyp Bhattacharya feels that this emits a positive energy around the organization.

Vikramjit Sahay, marketing director, benefitsPLUS says, "During Diwali, a lot of companies purchase bulk gifts for their employees under a certain budget. But these gifts don’t appeal to all; companies today are facilitating their employees to shop online by allocating their gift budget to various e-commerce websites."

India Inc's Top Gifting Options
  • Cash/credit voucher or gift card: This is one of the best options.
  • Paid-day off: Give your employees a paid day-off.
  • Spa/restaurant vouchers: Give employees gift certificates for local restaurants, spas or office supply stores.
  • A paid holiday: Give your employees an extra two days of paid, mandatory vacation for the holidays.

Thus, this time during Diwali, as an employee, you can expect your company to to give you something that you were looking to purchase. And of course, always remember, a gift is a gift. Just appreciate it even if you don't like it.

Source: With inputs from Ascent (Times of India 19th Oct 2011)