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Freshers Jobs in Biotechnology

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Aug 17, 2011- Biotechnology or Biotech is a field of applied biology in which there is involvement or use of living things in medicine, engineering, technology and other useful applications. Biotechnology jobs have become very lucrative jobs for today's young generation. Immediately after doing graduation or post graduation in biotechnology, there are ample job opportunities available for Freshers. Infact one of the most rapidly growing Freshers Jobs is in the field of Biotechnology.

Increase in Biotechnology Job Opportunities As per official records and research, Biotechnology is growing more rapidly in India. As per a recent report, Biotechnology has occupied second position in providing employment after multi media. The biotechnology industry is constantly growing. In a span of 10 years, the number of employees has increased by more than 90% in the biotech job opportunities. A fresher who enjoys science, technology, math, research, solving problems, and making useful products, who has done Bsc. or Msc. in biotech can successfully look for a career.

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Biotechnology Jobs

Freshers Jobs in Biotechnology There are many fields in which a fresher can look for a job in biotech. These are as follows:
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Chemical industries
  • Public funded laboratories
  • Bio processing industries
  • Agriculture related industries
  • Clinical Research
  • Environment control industry
  • Waste management
  • Energy
  • Pollution control activities
  • Food processing & Bio-processing industries
  • Government organizations
  • Research organizations
  • Developments organizations
  • Finance & Administration
  • Sales and Marketing

Biotechnology in India is a dynamic industry so there are many opportunities for employment for freshers, ranging from sales and marketing, to R&D, to manufacturing and quality control and assurance.

Leading Biotech Companies in India Hiring Freshers
  • Biocon and Biotech India, Bangalore
  • All India Biotech Association (AIBA), New Delhi
  • Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology, Kerala (RGCB)
  • Biotech Consortium India Limited, New Delhi
  • Amersham Pharmacia Biotech Asia Pacific Ltd., Chennai
  • BrainWave Bioinformatics Ltd., Chennai
  • Aristo Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Mumbai
  • Catalyst Pharma Consulting , Mumbai
  • Siro Clinpharm Private Limited, Mumbai
  • Lilly india, Gurgaon and many more.
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How to Apply for Biotechnology Freshers Jobs The best way to find out jobs for freshers in biotechnology is through a good placement agency. You should post your resume to any of the employment agencies and let them find a suitable job for you. In some reputed colleges offering biotechnology courses also have campus recruitment. If you are a good student, you can easily get a job through such campus interviews. Many well known companies also recruit freshers as interns. Some of the companies who are included in the biotechnology sectors which offer Internship are Ranbaxy, Hindustan Lever, Dabur, Dr Reddy's Labs, Thapar Group, Biocon India Limited, Hindustan Antibiotics, Indo American Hybrid Seeds etc.

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