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Marketing Manager Job Description

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Marketing manager jobs are dynamic so need very energized and agile people. You are fit for marketing manager job if you can think quickly and accurately even under pressure. Along with this communication skills and ability to handle a team are also required and come under the marketing manager job description. As a marketing manager you will have to handle the following aspects:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Promotional
  • Evaluation of Data

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Marketing management job specification also include handling of entire marketing department.

Marketing Manager Job Objectives As a marketing manager you will have to develop and maintain the strategies to achieve the organizational objectives. Along with this market condition, evaluation of competitors' data, making plans and evaluation of customer research are also done.

Marketing Manager Job Profile Roles and Responsibilities
  • Development of annual marketing plan in collaboration with sales department
  • Management of marketing department budget and doing all the activities in the given budget
  • Marketing manager job profile also includes the management of print production, receipt and its distribution
  • Conducting market research and drawing out the specifications in respect to new product or service. Here the market requirements are checked thoroughly
  • Development and implementation of communication strategies within and outside the company
  • Making key messages for the customers for the brand name
  • Professional relationship with media are handled by marketing manager
  • Maintain and build professional relationship with internal and external stakeholders of the company
  • Make monthly report and presenting it to the director or VP of the company
  • Team work skills and ability to lead
Educational Requirement for Marketing Manager Job To directly get into marketing manager job one must have Master's degree in Administration (MBA – Marketing). You can start with Bachelor's Degree in Administration (BBA) and then go for the MBA. If not BBA then complete your graduation in communication or any other allied fiedl. You can also get the diploma in marketing with various marketing certificates.

Additional Skills for Marketing Manager Job Apart from education there are many skills required and mentioned in the marketing job description. These are:
  • Experience of making and developing marketing strategies
  • Understanding of customer and market scenario
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and within a said period of time
  • Ability to grasp the problems and giving the solution quickly
  • Flexible and open to change
  • Knowledge of all the medias that can be used in a marketing campaign
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