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How to Get the Maximum from Your Employment Agency?

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Mar 24, 2011- Employment agencies have played a vital role in the recruitment market by creating a significant link between client companies and prospective candidates. Job seekers or a companies require the service of employment agencies to cater to their professional needs. The employment agencies bring together employers and candidates who are really suited to each other and in this way they help in forming a successful working environment. Often young people are not sure how to use an employment agency or for that matter what to expect from an agency. The truth is that nowadays, it is very necessary to hire the services of a recruitment agency to get your dream job. There are different employment agency jobs. Once you approach an employment agency and provide him with detailed information about your qualification, experience and interests, he being the eyes and ears of potential employers can help you to get the desired job. To get the the best or the maximum from your employment agency, check out the following tips:

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Which agency to choose? This is the first important thing to decide. As it is there will be lots of employment agencies in your place and each one will claim to be the best. The golden rule is that you should take the services of more than one agency because it is better to have a group of consultants working for you exposing you to a broader range of potential employers and more positions. Choose a couple of local agencies and do your research. Preferably opt for a smaller agency who has a small number of candidates in its databank. Again there are specialist agencies specialized to give jobs for only a particular industry. You can approach a specialist agency if you are specialized in certain jobs. Or else go for general employment agencies.

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Make a good impression When you register with an agency, be sure to present yourself in a presentable manner, smartly and professionally dressed and neat and tidy in appearance. Even if the agency is casual you need to treat this as an actual job interview. Make a good impression as the first impression is the last impression and the agency can give a good feedback about you to the prospective employer.

Carry your CV Carry a proper CV with you, including a separate page of references. Make sure you have checked your CV thoroughly for spelling and grammar before printing. There are some agencies who also prepare the CV for you. This is also a good way of presenting the right CV to the right employer.

Be prepared As already mentioned, consider your interview with the recruitment agency as your job interview. Know the ins and outs of your CV. If you have any technical knowledge like writing, designing, html coding, typing, you must be prepared for it. There are some agencies which require prospective job candidates to take standard tests to determine the level of competency in specific specialist programs.

The interview Take the employment agency interview very seriously. Do not cancel or reschedule as this makes a bad impression. Always be courteous, honest. Explain your job skills, your experience. Be clear about your goals. Tell them about your interests, which profile you would like go, what type of business you want to work in, your present salary and your expectation . Also mention whether you want a part-time or full-time employment. Also make sure to ask advice from your consultant. Discuss everything in details so that the agency gets to know everything about your professional goals. Be open to positions you will consider. Always remember that the employment agencies are trained to identify skills and career development opportunities.

Follow up Once the interview is over, you ask your consultant when to contact for further actions. Don't forget to ask him what method he prefers for follow ups: email, sms or phone call. Consultants will only contact you if they have a suitable position for you. Contact the consultant regularly. One communication a week is sufficient to remind the agency that you are still available. Staying in touch will improve your chances of when a position becomes available.