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Career in Media, Marketing and Entertainment

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Mar 17, 2011- With digitalization, the media, marketing and entertainment industry has undergone rapid change on a global scale. Media, marketing and entertainment are all competitive businesses. Today, a large number of people is opting for jobs in this industry. For growth, fame and money which has lured thousands of youngsters, this is the best industry. The financial rewards are obvious, besides the glamor, fun and fame in this industry.

What does media, marketing and entertainment involve? Media World
Media covers everything from the print media to the digital media (Internet). Media can cover anything from journalism to editing to newscasters. Within the magazine or the newspaper world, many hundreds of titles exist but only a few thrive and reach the success level. Every day, there is a publication of a new newspaper and all newspapers are fighting a battle to keep their readers. Similarly the digital media world is growing with many new technologies and advances in the Internet Marketing World.

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Marketing world
Marketing involves advertisers, public relations and management. The advertising, marketing and public relations industry involves product/brand development, market research, media relations, reputation management, promotion, direct marketing, public affairs, and sponsorship. This is a creative and fast-paced industry to motivate people to buy products and services or change their attitudes through various media outlets.

Entertainment world
Jobs in the entertainment world has fast become very popular for the young generation. Thousands of young people without even completing their education have opted to work in movies, theaters and TV series. Ofcourse, this also covers TV jourbalism. In this entertainment segment there are TV news related Jobs, radio journalism Jobs, anchoring jobs and much more. Some plays and musicals are making lots of money. Entertainment covers anyone working in front of or behind a camera on movies or a tv show , radio jockeys, musicians, dancers, actors and even street performers. It is a diverse area but is very lucrative as it offers an interesting, and incredibly competitive career path.

Training and applicants For jobs in entertainment world, a degree and/or a work-related qualification isn't necessarily a requirement, although many people will have one. Contacts are important. But for media jobs in both print, digital or in TV journalism or newspaper journalism, a graduate degree is a must. Journalism would obviously require excellent written English. University, film school and performing arts colleges are good options. Through work experience, make more contacts. Obviously all applicants for performing roles would need immense self confidence and communication skills and if your have attained training in dramatics, its an added bonus to join this career. Determination and motivation is essential for all non-administrative positions.

Job Opportunities in Media, Marketing and Entertainment Opportunities are very varied. The media and entertainment are seen as "glamorous" career. But of course you cannot deny that there is a lot of hard work and persistence. Of course, luck should favor you. There are jobs as national newspaper journalists, television presenters, actors and famous singers, dancers, theater artists though they can be limited. With hardworking and talent and luck, there is tremendous success in this field. There are also technical, administrative and other "behind the scenes" positions like sound engineers, make-up artists, lighting engineers and arts administrators. As in online entertainment, with the increase in the number of satellite channels, there will be more and more opportunities to present yourself in this sector.