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Top 5 Interview Questions

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Mar 22, 2011- For any job seeker, the interview is the final and the most important round for convincing your prospective employer to take you for that desired job of yours. For many, job interviews are scary and sources of anxiety. But then to get your dream job you need to be fully prepared for the interview. Though you are not aware of what questions will be asked, at least you can prepare yourself for few basic questions which can be asked to evaluate your personality, your experience, your strengths and weaknesses etc.

Usually the interview has a set of quetions which can be related to the following:
  • Questions associated with resume
  • Questions related to job qualification
  • Attitude related questions
  • Case interview questions
  • Personality questions
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Common Interview Questions Let us check out below the most commonly asked questions in an interview and how do you respond to it:

Tell something about yourself This is one of the most common questions asked and usually this question is asked by the interviewer to know more about you. But then he is not interested in knowing about your parents or children or your pets. The interviewer wants to know more about your qualifications, your experience, your work, your interests, your strengths so that he or she gets a sense of who you really are and whether you match the job on offer. This also helps your interviewer in assessing your communication skill which is a critical skill for almost all jobs. This is the time to "sell yourself" and let the recruiter know why you are fit for the job.

Why did you leave your last job or why do you want to leave your present job? Now this is a tricky question. The reasons for leaving can be personal or professional. You cannot say that you hate your last job and so you left. As a rule, you should never bad mouth your previous employer. This displays a negative attitude and could also put doubts about your work performance in the mind of the interviewer. You can say its for more professional growth or salary growth, or there was a change in department in the previous organization, or to join an organization which is a brand etc.

Why should we hire you? For this you should be fully aware of what your new job requirement is. Check out the company's website and talk to other employees, if possible. From there, you can develop a appropriate response to this question. Don't go overboard. State how the job requirement matches with your experience and profile. State your skills. Present yourself in the best light. Don't say subjective things like "I am very keen on working with you and I will put in our best efforts". Focus on whatever skills/expertise/learning from your previous job and how you can fit those in the prospective job. This displays a positive attitude and the employer sees you as someone who's open to learning and self-development.

Where do you see yourself 5 years or so from now? This question is asked to learn your long-term career plans and goals. So avoid saying "I want to gain experience and do the best I can in this business/industry" or "I see myself in your place/position". Present a more larger view of what's the kind of work you see yourself doing and the skills you want to gain to reach that level of work. Think of some job related ambitions that you want to achieve and look at how you can reach your goals.

Why do you want to join us or our company? Just do some research of the company you have applied. If it is brand organization, you can say that brand name counts. This question is asked to asses your knowledge of the company and whether you are a good fit. You as a prospective candidate should know exactly what the company is looking for and what the company is all about. An interviewer will prefer those applicants who demonstrate a thorough understanding of the company and the individual position. You can also discuss about what good things the other employees speak for this company, how the company values its employees which are important to you.

For any interview, always be honest. Always remember that your employer can easily make out when you lie by your body language and expressions. Be truthful. Be confident but not over confident. There is no scarcity of similarly qualified and experienced candidates as yourself. What sets you apart from others is your attitude and preparedness for the interview. So spare time to prepare over such questions before you walk through that interview door.