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Working From Home: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Work from Home There are different types of home based jobs. Work at home jobs are in much demand. More and more people are opting for home based business. Whether your job has the flexibility to work from home or whether you have decided to work from home on a regular basis, whether you have started your own home business, there are many options available to you. If you would like to know the Most Popular Home Based Business (please click here). However there are many advantages and disadvantages associated with work from jobs options, which we are discussing below.

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Working from Home: Advantages
  • Reducing commuting time from home to workplace. For some, this can represent up to 2-3 hours a day commuting that too using public transport services. Just imagine, how wonderful it is not to travel to work on a daily basis in crowded buses, cabs, or even in your own vehicle. You save time, save money by reducing the travel expenses in petrol, parking, maintenance, servicing on your car and also 10 or more hours per week if you have your own home job.
  • You save money on food and coffee and parties at office by working from home. There is higher productivity when working at home. You have time for yourself to do other works as well. You have flexibility in your working day to go out , to bring kids from school, have your food at your own convenient time, inviting people into the house, and so on. Of course, taking time out for personal things means working at other times to make up the loss, but nevertheless you may find it easier to focus on work more instead of spending 9 hours in your office desk.
  • You also save money in wardrobe. Not having to maintain a formal wardrobe is another advantage of working from home.
  • Working from home is less stressful. It creates happier lives for many people. There is a complete balance between work and family commitments. You stay close to your family at all times and monitor the activities of your children, something that's important in households where both parents work. Being available to provide care for your dear ones, especially your aged parents, providing constant companionship, love and safety are the greatest joys achieved while working from home.
  • Feeling comfortable is another advantage of work from home jobs. You choose your chair and desk, you set the dress code, you set your own timings. You work at your own will under your own comfort zone. No one is there to interfere you.
  • There is no office distractions like your fellow colleagues visiting your desk or talking around or over you, when you work from home. As a result you can concentrate more on your work. You also don't get involved in office politics.
  • Lastly, there is tax advantages while working from home. You are able to claim on utility costs and office equipment.
Working from Home: Disadvantages
  • Working from home is not as "easy" as some people make it out to be. Though you have flexibility of working hours, you still need to commit yourself to complete your work on time just as much as you would if you were working in an actual office setting. Even while working at home, there are many who cannot separate their family or home life from their work life. Achieving a balance between home and work life can be difficult.
  • You do not learn anything new as you stay at home most times, unless and until you really have the urge to learn new things from various sources. While working from home, you are isolated and you dont have you colleagues to share professional ideas or brainstorm with. There is less support. You need to complete your work on your own.
  • There is also lack of competitive spirit when you work from home. Colleagues and peers help in keeping the competitive spirit alive and enhance productivity.
  • When friend and family get to know that you are at home, it leads to the way for new sources of distraction and interruptions. They are more likely to call you or drop and this disturbs your work. Kids may move around in and out of your work space, or fight when you are on the phone with clients.
  • There is lack of supervision and discipline when you work from home.
  • There may not be a steady source of income when you start your home based business.

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