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Arts jobs are all about aesthetic value and how you can visualize a dream or abstract things. In arts jobs you will have to present ideas and make them interesting so that liked by masses. This creative line is fit for you if you like to draw, paint, sculpts or design.

Earlier arts jobs were not appreciated much as there was less salary and jobs in art. Most of the artists were self employed but without work. But scenario at present is completely different. Today art career is not confined to painting and all but it has embraced all the other things also. Every product that is in the market must be artistic and must have an appeal which is created by the professional artist. So jewelery making, furniture designing, home designing, sculptor making, paintings, which are bought by all are also not untouched from art come under the broad category of art jobs.

You can begin your art career in art museum, galleries, art schools, advertising agencies, movie studios, newspapers, magazines. All these require one or other form of artists. Like for newspaper you can work as cartoon artist. But animators and multimedia artists are much in demand. So there are many arts job vacancies waiting for you.

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Arts Jobs Education Education in fine arts or any other form of art is must to get the jobs in arts as this gives you a professional knowledge. You can do Bachelors in fine arts and Bachelors in applied arts. Most of the colleges keep this in combined form and regard this as Bachelor of fine arts and applied arts called BFA. You can then do specialization in your post graduate programme. Check the following universities and collages for arts jobs educations.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University – For courses in fine arts
  • Jamia Milia Islamia
  • University of Calcutta
  • Amity University
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design
  • International Institute of Fine Arts
  • Rukmini Devi College of Fine Arts
  • Kala Bhavan, Viswa Bharti, Shanti Niketan (bachelor of fine arts and applied arts)
  • College of Arts and Crafts, Lucknow (bachelor of fine arts and applied arts)
  • College of Art, Sector 10-C, Chandigarh (bachelor of fine arts and applied arts)
Types of Arts Jobs
  • Fine Art Jobs
  • Applied Art Job
  • Crafts Artist Jobs
  • Multimedia Artist Jobs
Fine Art jobs
Painting jobs, sculptures, prints and other forms of art that is generally meant to beautify or for provocative purposes come under the category of fine art jobs. Sculptor artist, printmakers and painters are into fine arts jobs and they use different medium like acrylics, water color, pastels, oils etc. In find arts jobs you can do the specialization in one or other stream. This can be
  • Two-dimensional work like drawing, painting, collage making
  • Three-dimensional work like sculpture
  • Four-dimensional work like performance and moving images
Applied Art Jobs
In the category of applied art jobs the artist make things that have the practical usage. Rug, jewellery, pottery, bag and furniture making come under this category of arts jobs. Here the art is combined with the commercial needs. Applied and design artists design applications and transform their ideas into drawing, layouts, illustrations that are used for non profit and commercial purposes. Making company's letterhead, logos, websites and all other related stuffs are part of this. You can be part of the following occupations in the category of applied arts jobs
  • Animator
  • Fashion Designer
  • Graphic Artist (Software)
  • Photographer
  • Set Designer
  • Furniture Designer
Craft Artist Jobs
In craft artist art jobs craftsman make objects with hand. Candle making, pottery, quilts, doing art work on vessels, needlecraft, weaving, welding etc are categorised in craft artist jobs. They create objects that are functional as well as can be used for decorative purposes.  Craft artists can either work as a freelancer artist or on commission basis.

Multimedia Arts Jobs
In multimedia arts jobs artist create all types of special effects and make animated images for TV programs, movies, film, video, and other form of electronic media. They make the drawing either by hand or on computer. The motion picture, video, computer systems and advertising companies are the best platform for multimedia arts jobs. Commercials are also planned and made by multimedia artists and part of arts jobs and art career.

Both competition and search for multimedia arts jobs will show a steep rise. Many youngster found this a lucrative and a glamorous field. Both freelance work and permanent ones will be on rise. So you will have to be master of your trait to get ahead of others.

Multimedia artist will have to be very creative and dexterous in making drawing and illustrations. Multimedia artists has the median annual salary of $58,840 and the one working with motion picture and video industry can earn more than $85,160.

New Trends in Arts Jobs Technology has changed everything around us and given us a very fast paced life. Art jobs which were so slow earlier have also become fast. Variety of software like Adobe, Flash, Photoshop, Autocad,Maya have been made to make the difference. Internet has also open new art job vacancies and removed the boundaries. You can be at your place and still work for the MNC located in different country.

Too many jobs in art are emerging especially in the field of multimedia. The combination of information and communication technologies are said to rule the world of art jobs. This very greatly impact the art, media and design jobs. This creative industry is no longer limited to painting and all but have entered into the digital and IT media as well. You can get arts jobs in making computer gamings as illustrator artist, TV, animation, music and websites. With this to get an art job you must be familiar with all the new concepts and technologies.

Arts Jobs Description: In almost every kind of art job one has to work on a project. First of all the basic layout is formulated and also the various materials to be used are decided in terms of shape, size, video, sound, animation and all. Arts jobs are such jobs that need perfection which comes with experience. If you have the experience of handling various projects and has the natural flare then your art career can get new dimensions and there are numerous arts job vacancies for you.