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A bilingual job is a lucrative career option for anyone who has the basic skills of knowing and speaking more than one language. The most obvious job preference in bilingual jobs is that of an interpreter or a translator. But a person who has the requisite training of any foreign language can try his luck in other fields as well like in teaching, training, writing, even at workplace etc. The basic requirement of bilingual jobs is to know thousands of words in at least 2 languages. The ability to speak, understand and write more than one language is an asset that can be used not only to establish oneself at the workplace but also as a proper professional career.

Bilingual jobs are always in great demand in various countries of the world, especially in America. If a bilingual graduate has knowledge of the native languages spoken in countries that a lot of U.S. trade is conducted with, then he or she has a very bright career prospect. There are so many job opportunities in a bilingual career that any person who has the requisite training have many jobs to choose from, many of which allow for a long and successful career to develop.

Qualifications of Bilingual Jobs The education and training requirements depend on which bilingual job or position is best for you before you start preparing yourself for any career prerequisites. Education and qualifications certificates depend largely upon the bilingual job nature. Usually a business executive holds a bachelor's or master's degree in his chosen field. Many go for certified foreign language course. Often, companies require a candidate to pass both the oral and written exam in the second language before hiring. If some chose to teach English as a second language, they require a certificate like TEFL or TESOL in addition to a bachelor's or master's in English or the secondary language.

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Role of a Bilingual Professional A bilingual professional has to convey ideas and concepts between speakers and readers of different languages. This implies that he or she must thoroughly understand the subject matter he or she is working with. Besides this, a bilingual professional must also be sensitive to the cultures of the different languages he is working with.

List of Bilingual Jobs As already mentioned there are lots of job opportunities in a bilingual career. Following is the list of the most popular bilingual jobs:

Interpreter An interpreter works in both the languages that is the 'source' and 'target' language. He should be an expert in at least two languages – the native and the second language. The second language must be understood, written and spoken to near perfection. Usually a job of an interpreter entails him to travel to the location where the interpretation is to take place, or it can also take place over the phone. The interpreters get chances to work at events that involve non-English-speaking delegates, like international business, beauty pageants, academic and political events and also work in organization that requires foreign speakers. There are two types of interpretations:
  • Simultaneous interpretation: The usage of this type of interpretation is found in conferences, courts and medical situations. While the speaker is still talking, the interpreter begins to convey the sentence being spoken. That is, for this type of interpretation, the interpreter must be thorough with the subject matter. He should be able to listen and speak at the same time. Simultaneous interpreters usually work in pairs.
  • Constructive interpretation: This type of interpretations require one-to-one conversations like as in negotiations. Here the speaker finishes first and then the interpreter starts to convey the speaker's words. These interpreters often take notes in shorthand or some other notation system.
The role of a translator is to convert written materials from one language into another. He must have excellent writing and editing skills, including analytical ability and the translations must be accurate. Literary translators work for translations of journals, articles, books, poetry and short stories. Nearly all translation work is done on a computer and it is also received and submitted electronically. That is why a translator can work from almost anywhere, and it is seen that many of them work from home.

Bilingual teachers work in all school and college levels. The main objective of a bilingual teacher is to educate students on how to read, write and speak a language that is not their native language, or in which they do not have fluency. Many schools and colleges also have language education programs that send educators to another nation to teach his native language and also to learn the language of that nation. Bilingual graduates can teach English to foreigners in special language schools.

Another career option in a bilingual job is to be a writer or editor. In order to advertise a written work completely, publishers may choose to have the work translated into other languages. Publishers thus need experienced writers and editors who are able to translate the original work and create a second version in the second language.

Tour Guide In USA this is a very good career option for many. Infact in 2010, 25 million visitors visited the US, many of whom do not speak the English language. A person trained in different language can work as tour guides at various tourist destinations, explaining information and helping the tourists understand the culture of that region.

Air Steward
To be an air steward, excellent communication skills are required, including English. There are various airlines who prefer to choose air stewards who know more than one language. That is besides the English language, French, German, Hindi, Mandarin and Japanese are highly sought after in airlines.

Professional or Business Executives
To know more than one language is always an added advantage in a professional career or business. Many companies try their business expansion in overseas as well so as to expand their market to a larger base. Bilingual employees can be employed in those areas where he can speak the language of that area. Bilingual employees are in increasing demand in a global economy.

Bilingual Careers Job Prospects The services of bilingual professionals are required in a number of areas. While some may not completely specialize in a particular field or industry, some do focus on one area of expertise. Job prospects for bilingual professionals vary by specialty. With the growth of the global economy, employment in these industries is likely to increase.