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Checklist For Hiring The Best

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A bad hire can wreak havoc on even the most professional organizations and highly trained staff.

An organization's continued growth and success depend on making smart choices and hiring the best. Today's economy is exploding with talent, allowing one to be selective about the staff one hire. Yet, the crucial step to filling a position is finding the right talent for the organization - someone that has the skills for the job, easily blends with the culture, interacts well with the team and believes in the company's mission.

Recruiting the best employees for your organization is an ongoing challenge for every manager, supervisor and human resources professional. Hiring the best talent requires both an aggressive, relationship-based recruiting strategy to find the right people, and a highly effective evaluation methodology to select the best candidate for every position.

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For any given job category, the important items that should be on one's hiring checklists are
  • What constitutes a "Good Fit"
    define the outcomes desired from the person you hire.
  • Define the Job Specification -
    develop a job description that clearly describes the performance responsibilities of the person you hire.
  • Write a Job Requirement Checklist.
  • Develop the largest pool of qualified candidates possible.
    (Search via professional associations, personal contacts, universities, search firms, and other creative sources when necessary.)
  • Decide on the Recruitment Methods.
  • Select the Best Method for the Job.
  • Pre-screen the Resumes.
  • Prepare for the Interview.
    Devise a careful candidate selection process that includes culture match, testing, behavioral interview questions, customer interviews and tours of the work area.
  • Set questions
    Although it will take a time investment, you should have a b list of questions ready before you begin interviewing a candidate.
  • Second Interview
    Conduct at least two interviews with a candidate before hiring him or her, especially if the position is very important.
  • Think about Pay and Title Equity.
  • Manage the Interview.
  • Background Check.
    Perform appropriate background checks that include employment history, education, criminal records, credit history, drug testing and more.
  • Make the Hiring Decision.
  • Finalize an Offer Package.
  • Provide training, education and development to build a superior workforce.
Employee retention and education begin with a positive employee orientation. The orientation should give the new employee a complete understanding of the flow of the business, the nature of the work, benefits and the fit of his or her job within the organization.

Provide ongoing technical, developmental, managerial, safety, lean manufacturing and/or workplace organization training and education regularly. The type of training depends on the job. Some experts recommend forty or more hours of training a year per person.