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Communication JobsGlobalization of human capital through international migration is no longer about global physical presence only; it is also about global applicability of skills across various fields of specialization. This marks the main characteristics of skilled migration from India to developed countries in the twenty-first century. The focus is shifting away from professionals in specific occupations, like doctors, engineers, scientists to Communication Personnel.

The global & intercultural challenges faced by employees of international governmental & non-governmental organizations and multi-national & national businesses has accelerated the demand for Indian Communication Professionals.

Carrier Opportunities
Today's society consists of a vast network of interrelated mass communication services and industries that offers numerous career opportunities. The possible career option available in the field of communication consists of :

Careers in advertising
Advertising or Marketing Specialist, Copy Writer, Account Executive, SalesManager, Media Planner, Media Buyer, Creative Director, Media Sales Representative and Public Opinion Researcher.

Top Companies

Careers in Communication Education
Language Arts Coordinator, High School Speech Teacher, Forensics/Debate Coach, Drama Director, College or University Professor and Speech Communication department Chairperson.

Careers in Electronic Media/Radio-Television/BROADCASTING
Broadcasting Station Manager, Director of Broadcasting, Community Relations Director, Unit Manager, Film Editor, News Director, News Writer, Transmitter Engineer, Technical Director, Advertising Sales Coordinator, Traffic/Continuity Specialist, Media Buyer, Market Researcher, Actor, Announcer, Disc Jockey, News Anchor, Public Relations Manager, Casting Director, Producer, Business Manager, Researcher, Account Executive, Floor Manager and talk show host.

Careers in Journalism
Reporter, Editor, Newscaster, Author, Copy Writer, Script Writer, Publisher, News Service Researcher, Technical Writer, Acquisitions Editor, Media Interviewer and talk show host.

Careers in Public Relations
Publicity Manager, Advertising Manager, Marketing Specialist, Press Agent, Lobbyist, Corporate Public Affairs Specialist, Account Executive, Development Officer, Fund Raiser, Membership Recruiter, Sales Manager, Media Analyst, Media Planner, Creative Director, Audience Analyst, News Writer and Public Opinion Researcher.

Careers in Theatre/Performing Arts/Dramatic Arts
Performing Artist, Script Writer, Producer, Director, Arts Administrator, Performing Arts Educator, Costume Designer, Scenic Designer, Lighting Designer, Theatre Critic, Makeup Artist, Stage Manager, Model, Theatre Professor and Casting Director.

The Job Demands
Diversification in different areas of Communication is witnessing a steep rise and is expected to thrive further, on account of growing professionalism and advancement in this sector. Indian Personnel who are creative, dynamic, enterprising and has a flair to project ideas, thoughts, observation through different mediums of communication are preferred choice of the International Industry.

In addition to communication behaviors, Indian communication Professionals develop a b liberal arts background that International Employers recognize as vital to being successful. These Professionals are getting excellent jobs in a variety of career fields because employers also recognize the value of hiring people who understand communication in diverse contexts.