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Cosmetologist Jobs A cosmetologist also known as a beautician is a trained person who is involved in providing beauty care treatment like as manicures, pedicures, hair cutting, styling and coloring, shampooing, makeup, facial treatment or other personal beauty and appearance services. He or she is actually a beauty specialist or a beautician who has been trained to provide beauty treatment / advise or consultation related to treating of hair, skin and nails.

Where do Cosmetologists Work? Cosmetologists after getting proper training work in beauty salons, unisex shops, barber shops, hospitals, spas, resorts, hotels, malls, department stores, nail salons, drug and cosmetics stores etc. Cosmetologists work with many types of beauty care products and often sell them at their salons as well. After few years of experience, a cosmetologist can also start his or her own business. In fact this can be considered as one of the best home based jobs. In large, the type of work a cosmetologist performs will depend on the parlor in which he or she work. Some beauty salons are full-service, offering everything from hair styling to facials and waxing to manicures and pedicures. Other beauty salons offer hair cutting and styling only.

How to Become a Cosmetologist/Beautician? To become a beautician or a cosmetologist, technical training and licensing is required. Training for a cosmetology or beautician course takes place in a vocational school during the last two years of high school or after high school at a beauty school or college. There are many colleges in India and abroad that offers courses in Cosmetology. Any one who is interested in taking up a beautician course should first make a study of various cosmetology schools near them and compare the cost and reputation for preparing for state board licensing. Licensing requirements may differ from state to state. He or she should join a cosmetology program from a licensed cosmetology school. The candidates should pass a written examination organized by the school of cosmetology.

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Eligibility For Indian admission, the candidate must be of Indian origin and should be at least 17 years for applying for the course. The aspired candidates must have passed the qualifying exams or its equal from a reliable school of cosmetology. The training period is usually a 9 month or 1 year period for hairstyling and cosmetology. It can also extend to 2 years depending on course enrollment. The candidates get the associate degree and after passing the written test and interview successfully, they will get their license. By becoming a licensee, the cosmetologists are eligible to work privately or in other establishments.

Disciplines Covered in Cosmetology Course
  • Hairstyling, Chemically altering hair, Hair Cutting
  • Electrology
  • Cosmetics, Make Up
  • Skin care
  • Beauty therapy
  • Manicures/pedicures
  • Study of certain types of skin and nail diseases and conditions
  • Hygiene
  • Bacteriology
  • Cosmetic chemistry

Growth Prospects of a Cosmetologist Career A survey conducted in 2010 revealed that in India alone, there are as much as 9,25,400 cosmetologists. This proves that a cosmetologist career is a good career option for many. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median yearly income of cosmetologists is $19,800, including commission and tips. Once a cosmetologist becomes more experienced and gain a permanent customer base, becomes a brand, their earnings increase manifold. Though initially the start ups are not very lucrative. Some become self-employed, others open their own salons. There are opportunities to work as sales representatives of beauty care products or a cosmetology teacher or beauty consultants.

A trainer or a beautician gets a basic salary when he or she joins a salon. Later on he can earn additional earnings through house calls, through bonuses and tips from customers. Cosmetologists may receive a commission, which is a percentage of the fee charged for services offered. Their earnings depend on where they work, their skill, and the tipping habits of their customers.

The cosmetology sector is a growing sector as demand for appearance and beauty care and treatment grows. This job doesn't require you to be highly qualified but you need to have some personal traits to be successful in this line:
  • You need to have an understanding of fashion, art, and technical design.
  • You should have good communication skills.
  • You should be extrovert, enjoy working with the public and have an outgoing attitude.
  • You should be happy to follow clients' instructions
  • You should have a presentable appearance.
If you can satisfy those requirements plus you have the professional degree then no one can stop you in becoming one of the successful cosmetologists of your area. However there is stiff competition for clients as well as jobs in high end beauty salons. So opportunities will always be good for cosmetologists with the most training and those who are able to offer the broadest range of services.