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Customer Service Jobs

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Customer Service Jobs
Customer Service Jobs
Customer service jobs is a very dynamic field in which the customer service support provider is always in direct contact with the customer. He or she will have to listen and resolve the grievances, problems, difficulties and provide full support to enhance the brand image or company for which he or she is working. So in customer support job an employee must have a witty mind to answer all the questions of the customer and also possess good knowledge of the product.

In BPO customer support jobs representative is not into face to face communication but he or she uses other mediums like phone, internet and computer to communicate with the customer. So if you cannot communicate then you are not fit for this job. You must be expressive with dynamic personality and empathy for the situation of the customer. Along with this in customer support jobs you need to wear “thick skin” as you have to handle the complaints and anger of the customer.

In customer service job career your tools besides phone can be fax machines, personal computers and multiline telephones. Also in some jobs email is used. Most of the best customer service job opportunities lies with BPO/call centers, banks and insurance agencies where there is always an influx of customers.

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In some type of customer service jobs you will have to maintain the data for the betterment of product or service.

Educational Requirement To do customer service job as a representative or executive there is no special requirement of education. You can be a graduate, diploma holder, post graduate but you must have very strong communication skills. You will have to solve every issue and complaint of the customer. But if you really want your career to grow in this field then it better to do bachelors in English as it is the most widely used language and master's in administration. This combination along with relevant work experience works the best to reach at managerial position.

Customer Service Job Description The job description vary with the industry. Like if you are working in BPO then telephone and computer will be your tool to interact with customer. You will have to work in odd shift depending upon the location of client. But if you are working for domestic call centers then your shift timings will be according to your location but here also you will use telephone, computer and Internet. But the customer service job at bank, insurance agencies, telephones outlets etc have to interact with customers directly. Customer Service Representative
Customer service representative or executive jobs are the basic or entry level jobs where there is a direct interaction with customer. You customer can be individual person, company or organizations. It all depends upon the nature of services. In customer service representative job you may either have to handle the general question or the very specific ones for which you are trained properly. You will have to follow up the queries till their resolution. This is also called customer care executive in BPO.

Customer Service Manager Jobs (CSM)
As a customer support manager you will have to manage the team of customer support representative. Depending upon the hierarchy, manager or supervisor monitor the calls made by representatives or executives and they ensure that company's procedures are followed properly.

Customer Service Advisor Jobs
In customer service advisor job promotional marketing and direct face to face communication with customer is done. You will have to do client coordination as well as maintain the marketing campaign.