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Doctor from India and AbroadDoctors are into the noblest profession as they save numerous lives during their career as doctors. They are regarded as the saviors of mankind. The growing and aging population all across the globe, will drive overall growth in demand for doctors and in this Indian doctors are required to a great extent because of the strong academics and zeal to learn and innovate new things. Overseas doctor jobs opportunities because of this are great and taken up by many Indian doctors. Currently close to 59,095 Indian educated physicians are working in USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

Indian doctors are the backbone of the National Health Services in the United Kingdom and constitute 10.9% of United Kingdom's physician workforce. Many Indian doctors can be seen in the hospitals, health care centers and other such facilities in USA where the 4.9% of physician workforce is from India. SO it is not wrong to say that Indian doctors are also making major marks in the top most positions across the world, Dr Brajendra Agarwala (Congenital Heart Disease University  of Chicago Hospitals, Chicago,IL), Chitranjan Ranawat, Hip and Knee Replacement Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, NY, Inder Jit MD, Thyroid Disorders UCLA Medical Center, CA, Vikram Kamdar, Diabetes, Thyroid Disorders Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center, CA are few to name among the top most Indian doctors abroad. All of them andother doctors there have won laurels for their competence in the advanced countries including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

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Therefore demand for these professionals for therapeutic treatment as well as in research work is ever increasing both within the country and abroad. According to the International Survey Statistics, the ongoing liberalization of economy would bring still better opportunities for these professionals in terms of both remuneration and research and working facilities.

To search doctor jobs you can use Internet online websites, newspaper, recruitment agencies, recruitment consultants and other placement agencies who hire healthcare professionals from different streams. Although the recruitments of doctors is done widely in all the categories of their related field but most of the job options for Doctors in India and abroad are restricted to one or more of these specialties like:

Anesthesiologists Job Description:
Anesthesiologists is a person who is trained to provide anesthesia before surgical operation. This doctor also monitors the condition of the patient during operation through intensive care unit. Anesthesiologists can have a team of Anesthesiologists nurse and Anesthesiologists assistant with him or her.

Educational Qualification:
These doctors must have degree in MBBS with specialization in anesthesia or anesthesiology. Every country has the specific requirement of education. Like to become anesthesiologist doctor in Canada one must have the MD or MDCM as a degree with anesthesia as a special field. International recruiters look for MS in Anesthesiology. Whereas in USA these doctors must complete MD or DO with specialization in anesthesiology.

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Cardiologists Job Description:
Doctor jobCardiologists are the doctors who treat heart ailments and perform heart operations. They also study all the reasons of heart diseases, their treatments and heart complications that arises because of illness, injury, at the time of birth, and because of other reasons. Indian doctors in this field are well known abroad. So there are many Indian as well as overseas job opportunities for doctors who are cardiologists.

Educational Qualification:
The doctor must have the degree (MBBS) from the approved medical school or college. Then to become cardiologist doctors have to complete the DM in Cardiology (Doctor of Medicine). Here Cardiovascular pathology, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Cardiovascular pharmacology, Molecular biology of the cardiovascular system, Cardiovascular metabolism, Cardiovascular physiology, Cardiovascular anatomy, Emergency room care, Electrophysiology, and pacemakers, Nuclear cardiology, Cardiac Catheterization and other related subjects are taught.

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Dermatologists Job Description:
Dermatologist job description states that doctor who treats venereal and skin diseases are the dermatologists. These doctors take the blood samples, smear it and do laboratory tests to find out any reason of any skin disease. Localized treatment, medication, radiotherapy etc are the part of dermatologist job.

Educational Qualification:
MD in Dendrology & Dermatology. Career Opportunities for Dermatologist
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ENT Specialists Job Description:
ENT Specialists or ENT Physicians are the doctors who are specialized to treat Ear, Nose or Throat ailments. They can work in the hospital, clinics, private practice or in any other heathcare units. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is showing that need for ENT specialist is going to increase till 2014 and there will be many new Indian and overseas job opportunities for doctors who specializes in ENT.

Educational Qualification:
MS in ENT ENT Doctor Job Opportunities in India and Abroad
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General Practitioners Job Description:
General Practitioners diagnose and treat the patients at the initial stage of medical care. They have the ability of differential diagnostic techniques, so that he can refer the patients at the early stage to specialist doctors.

Educational Qualification:
MBBS Degree; MD in Medicine.

General Surgeons Job Description:
Surgeons are requested for prognosis before surgery and surgical operation. Their advice is also essential for postoperative care of the patient.

Educational Qualification:
MS in General Surgery

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Gynecologists and Obstetricians Job Description:
The Gynecologist doctors specializing in Gynecology & Obstetrics treat and manage of normal, abnormal preoperative, operative, postoperative care of the pregnant female patients and also treat management of any female disorders and complications.

Educational Qualification:
Diploma in Gynecology & Obstetrics with MBBS

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Neurologists / Neurosurgeons Job Description:
Neurologists are required to treat disorders related to the nervous system and brain. They also specialize in neuro-surgery.

Educational Qualification:
DM in Neurology or M.S in Neuro-surgery

Indian Doctors and Overseas Nurosurgeons Job Opportunities
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Pediatricians Job Description:
Pediatricians doctors treat newborn babies and children. Children diseases and injuries are taken care by pediatricians. Diet concerning issues, asses the growth and development of children, medical care for proper mental and physical growth of the child, consultation etc.

Educational Qualification:
MD in Pediatrics after completing MBBS.

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