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Embassies Embassy is a diplomatic building of one country in another nation and has an ambassador with an entourage to work properly. Officers working in embassies, carry out foreign policy and help in maintaining diplomatic relations. Their work involves administrative management consular services, political and economic reporting and analysis, and public diplomacy. In this, the higher posts are generally filled by the experienced from the embassy's own country whereas other work related to IT and all are done by the employees from the host nation's manpower. The most common jobs in embassies are related to the immigration, visa, computer services, human resource, library & economics. All across the globe, Indian nationals are considered as an appropriate choice for these jobs, because of their educational background and command over English language. Thus embassy job opportunities employee many qualified candidates. For more information on various jobs, check out Manpower Consultants

How to Get A Job in Indian Embassy through Indian Foreign Service Exam

Indians interested in working with an embassy at higher ranks need to take up Foreign Service Exams (IFS) through combined Civil Services Exam. The contents of the exam differ with the respective country. The exam is held in cities throughout various nations, as well as their Consulates and Embassies abroad. To sit for IFS Exam the maximum age limit for general category is 30 years, 33 for OBCs & 35 years for Scs/STs. Ex-servicemen will get five additional years to the given age for IFS to get into jobs in Indian embassy. General category applicant Indian Foreign Service Exam for four times, whereas OBC seven and there is no limit for Scs/STs for the number of attempts. The exam will contain two stages:

Preliminary Examination
This will contain the objective questions

Main Examination
It consists of written test & an interview.

New entrant after passing the exam is trained for diplomatic qualities, diplomatic skills, & diplomatic knowledge at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussourie. After this he/she joins the Foreign Service Institute in New Delhi to get more targeted training. At the end of the training program, the officers are given one compulsory foreign language (CFL). Then the officer works with the Ministry of External Affairs. This is a sort of training on the actual ground. After this he or she is posted in the country where that particular CFL is the native language.

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Career in EmbassyAfter clearing the Indian Foreign Service exam the, the Foreign Service Officer works in overseas as a Third Secretary who is promoted to Second Secretary after the confirmation of the services. Further from Second Secretary to First Secretary, Counselor, Minister and Ambassador/High Commissioner/Permanent Representative.

More Job Opportunities in Embassies in IndiaAn embassy along with High Commissioner, Counselor & Secretaries also need other employees to handle the task of the embassy. Employee can work as teacher, interpretor,freelancer and many more. So in an embassy, the following departments offer numerous job options :

This is the most required job in embassy in India. Like French embassy in India will look for the interpretor who can speak French with regional language. For other agencies

Political Section
The Political Section handles all political matters, including high-level visits, political consultations, and briefings on issues of mutual interest. Political specialists do the regular & factual political reporting, explain the political trends & developments, act as translator or interpretor for Ambassador etc. To grab these jobs in embassies one must have a degree in political science or related field with sound years of experience.

Human Resource
Human Resource jobs in Indian embassy requires managers as well as executive in different streams of HR. Candidate must be a graduate from the recognized university or college and must hold the MBA degree in HR to get into these embassy jobs.

Library is a part of any embassy in India and abroad. So there always exists the need for librarian who is experienced enough to handle the books & other activities in the library. If you have done course of librarian then keep looking for jobs in embassies.

Economic Section
Economic Specialists are always required in embassies so is a good choice of career in embassy. The economic specialists make the reports on economic development in India and also analysis to give advice on economic issues. Along with this political & other developments are also reported. One must have a bachelor;s degree in Economic & Masters in Administration or Economic with quality experience in the same field.

The Defense Counselor is responsible for reporting on defense policy issues involving the country, including armaments cooperation, export control, major procurement programs, defense related research, and technology developments. Defense counselor career in embassies in India are sought after by the defense personals.

The Counselor for Economic and Financial Affairs reports on macro and microeconomics, financial markets, economic policy, and economic research. The Counselor also responds to inquiries about the their own nation's economy.

The staff for Science reports on research and research policies, and works to enhance cooperative research and development between their own and other countries. IT fellows are much required in embassies to check the computer networks, hardware & software applications, check the telecommunication apparatus, installing new equipments, testing & deploying numerous wireless & satellite communication systems etc. Now to get into this stream one must have bachelor's & master's degree in computer science or B.Tech in computers with specific certifications & courses. The educational & experience requirements changes from job to job.

Shipping and Civil Aviation
Shipping and Civil Aviation job opportunities in embassies is fulfilled by a counselor who reports on maritime and aviation policy and legislative activity.

Press and Cultural Section
The Press and Cultural section promotes a wide range of cultural events including concerts, exhibitions, lectures, festivals, and films, and works in close cooperation with other nations. The communication jobs at embassy are very sought after.

Administrative and Consular Services Section
These consulates, staffed by mainly career diplomats, supervise Consuls around the country. The section also has administrative responsibilities pertaining to Embassy personnel and buildings.

This department promotes nationwide industrial development profitable to both the business economy and national economy, and helps release the potential of different districts and regions by contributing towards innovation, internationalization and promotion. There are numerous jobs in embassies in this sector.

Diplomatic Coordinator
Most of the embassies in India look for the diplomatic coordinator who understands the international & national current affairs, have excellent communication skills.

Career & recruitment in embassies are mostly done for the candidates who have excellent verbal and written communication skills in addition to the basic qualification & experience required. SO to grab a job opportunity in embassies brush up your communication skills, work on your area of expertise and give only factual information.