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Employment Agencies Jobs Employment agencies jobs are no different from any other job as these are challenging and need a dynamic personalty. You will have to be on toes in finding right candidate for a right job. Also you will have to find job for a candidate who has submitted his or her resume with you or your employment agency. So the recruitment agencies jobs are always two ways.

Employment agencies act as middleman in finding the right candidate for right job. They have organizations, companies, MNCs etc as their client who tell their specific requirement of skills, experience and education. Recruitment agencies then find the suitable candidate based on the given job description. The initial round of interviews are held at the employment agencies itself. The employment agency executive or headhunter will first find the suitable candidate through net or by using other means. Once the list is prepared they will call the candidate and further shortlist some for the next round. To shortlist the candidates their communication skills, experience and educational background is checked. Once this is done an interview for the next round is scheduled.

Now have you ever thought that recruitment agencies also need professionals to run them properly. So employment agencies jobs are not hard to find as this is a never ending business. While working in a placement agency you will have to fulfil the human resource requirement of your clients. Recruitment agencies jobs are also specific to the industry in which they deal.

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If you are doing an employment agency job then you will either be paid on commission basis or you will have the fixed salary. But most of the jobs are on commission that means more the number of recruitments more will the pay. Employment agencies jobs really need patience and personality as some times you wont find even a single candidate or job. So it may take long time in finding the right candidate and job.

Most of the placement agency jobs need MBA in HR for their recruitment and placement division. You can be bachelors of administration or simply a graduate to get the job. If you complete your MBA then this will be an added advantage.

Types of Employment Agencies Contingency Employment Agency
This type of agency is paid when the candidate sent by them gets hired in an organization. These agencies generally send many candidates and caters the low and middle level posts. Retained Search Firms
These employment agencies have strong contact with employers. Senior level jobs are catered by the retained search firms. Particular time period is given by the employer to the employment agency to find the right candidate. Employment agency is then paid for the expenses and some percentage of candidate's salary whether he or she has been hired or not.

Types of Employment Agencies Jobs Placement Consultant Job
The most common employment agencies jobs is the job of placement consultant. As a placement consultant you will have to look after the client's requirement and then find the suitable candidate for that particular position. For this you will have to call the various candidates and schedule an interview. The pre screening round of communication skills, checking the right education and experience is done by the placement consultant agent.

Headhunter or Recruiter
These employment agencies jobs are quiet similar to that of placement consultant job where the consultant finds a job for you. Recruiters or headhunters are also called search consultants. Either they find a right candidate or the candidates can send their resume for a job. Once the headhunter has found a suitable candidate then he of she will have to check the candidate as per the requirements of the company. This checked by checking the candidate's profile, his or her way of speaking etc. If everything seams to be fine then the next step is scheduling the interview. Also here the search consultant prepares the candidate for a job by telling him or her the types of interview question, way of presenting, things to carry along for the face to face interview.

Training and Development
This is another field where you will find employment agency jobs. As a trainer you will have to train the candidates for the interview. The behavioural and attitudinal training is given to sharpen the communication skills. Along with the ways to balance family and professional life are also taught. So you can definitely get the placement agency job if you have the right attitude for it.

Career Consultants
Career consultant is one of the employment agencies jobs that need people who can guide others and make their career path. The experts will give you right advice that will be based on your interests and what you want in your life. Also you can get education consultancy like which career to choose, from where to get the education and how to proceed.

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