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Engineering jobs"Indian emigrants have excelled as engineers, managers, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. They are among the founders or top executives of at least 972 companies", says AnnaLee Saxenian, who studies immigrant business networks at the University of California.

India has one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has great scope for various professionals and out of this engineering jobs are one of the most required ones. Competitive pressures and advancing technology will force companies to improve and update product designs and to optimize their manufacturing processes. For this they need engineers. Get the help of reliable Manpower Consultants to find relevant emgineering jobs.

It is predicted that international employers will rely on Indian engineers to further increase the productivity, as investment in plant and equipment increases to expand output of goods and services. Additional engineers will be needed to improve or build new roads, bridges, water and pollution control systems, and other public facilities. India has a massive talent pool in its community and countries are vying with each other to attract Indian professionals to their shores. Hence there are numerous entry level engineering jobs as well experienced engineering jobs in India.

Overseas engineering jobs are getting relatively strong. Also the sagging economy has not affected much on certain engineering jobs apart from IT and computer jobs. Smaller companies were still offering engineering jobs abroad. Manpower consultants and job consultants can also help you in finding the right job.

Various Engineering Disciplines and Career Opportunities Although engineering is such a vast industry that you can include everything in it. Broadly it can be classified as electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, civil, computer engineering, chemical, food production and design engineering.

Top Companies

Aeronautical Engineering
Job opportunities for an Aeronautical Engineer lies with various airlines and aircraft manufacturers, Research and Development (R&D) areas & space research laboratories. Even these engineering jobs in abroad are also very abundant.

Agriculture Engineers
Agriculture engineering jobs are involved in the sales, marketing and servicing of farm equipment and agricultural implements, in designing and constructing farm buildings & product planning.

Automobile Engineers
Employment opportunities lie with the vehicle manufacturers/assemblers in maintenance and service stations, private transport companies and insurance companies. With the boom in automobile industry more and more automobile engineers are required and so the automobile engineering jobs are on rise in India as well as abroad.

Chemical Engineers
They are needed and gainfully employed in the soap, paint, oil, plastics, synthetic fibers, explosives and petrochemical plants. Chemical engineering jobs are require both freshers as well as experienced personnels who can keep a check on present product as well as design the new one.

Civil Engineers
They are employed at all the major construction companies whether in public or in private, railways, consultancy firms, army etc. As major developments are going on across the world so the civil engineers are in demand.

Computer Engineers
They can find employment in almost any area of industrial sector and in defence and research establishments. They can work with multinationals, in management consultancy firms and in areas where computer aided systems are used such as aeronautics and space science, petroleum industry and power plants.

Electrical Engineers
They have job opportunities in industries like the railways, construction, civil aviation, power plants whether thermal, hydro or nuclear and all types of manufacturing plants.

Electronics Engineers
They are employed in industries manufacturing electronic equipment, research and development and. television and radio broadcasting, aerospace industry and automobile industry.

Instrumentation Engineers
The demand for Instrumentation Engineers comes from industries such as steel, chemical, fertilizer, refineries power industry and so on.

Marine Engineers
Marine Engineers find jobs as officers in the merchant navy. Port and harbor authorities and ship repair dockyard companies also employ them. Marine engineering jobs are around nautical architecture and science. In such jobs, research is conducted in coastal areas and oceans and also at inland waters that are connected to seas. Marine engineers also take the whole responsibility of ship;s technical management.

Material, Metallurgical and Ceramic Engineers
They are employed by research establishments, industries and plants extracting and processing metals like iron and steel, nickel, copper, zinc etc. in rolling mills and in large steel plants.

Mechanical Engineers
Employment opportunities are open in practically every segment of the industry and especially in the area of machine tools, aerospace, automobile industries and power plants. With the industrial revolution more number of mechanical engineering jobs were seen in 19th century and since then there is no looking back.

Mining Engineers
Job opportunities are available at Mines, Geological Survey Institutions and mining companies.

Production and Industrial Engineers
They are in demand in engineering and manufacturing industries. Industrial engineering jobs are also referred to as "Integrated Systems Engineering". Further based on the sub-specialities these are called management science, operation research, operations management or manufacturing engineering jobs.

Telecommunication Engineers
They have ample job opportunities in Information and Broadcasting sectors, railways, police, Para-military, and defence related organizations. Telecom engineering or telecommunication engineering works on circuit design and a branch of Electronic Engineering. Telecommunication engineers checks if the telecommunication equipments have been installed properly or not. Telecommunication engineering jobs include civil, electronics, electrical as well as structural engineering jobs.