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Export-ImportThe growing opportunities in the world market and the wide range of facilities offered to exporters & importers by the Government of various nations have encouraged more and more enterprises to enter the International Trade Sector. The implication of such a development on the job market is an obvious rise in the demand for export/import personnel.

Career Opportunities
Global commerce and the Internet have made the world smaller, but far more competitive for businesses. The Export and Import industry provides pathway to a multitude of careers, like:
Product Managers
They manage a specific product or product line. This would include managing the advertising program, the product development, the distribution system, and setting the prices of the product.

Top Companies

Sales Staff
This industry needs sales representatives, managers who are expected to travel abroad, and to find customers and negotiate business deals abroad.

Retail Buying
Retail buyers are in charge of acquiring merchandise for their employer, a retail chain.

Accounting Staff
Auditing, financial accounting, and managerial accounting of export/import Companies require an understanding of foreign exchange rates, inflation rates, different tax systems, and language.

Production Personnel
As companies expand their production abroad, there is a greater need for Production Specialists with an international background. Production Specialists arrange for goods to be produced in other countries and locate foreign producers for these goods.

Management Personnel
Human Resource managers are involved with hiring, training, compensating, motivating, evaluating, and promoting employees.

Strategic Planners
Strategic Planners operate at a high level in the company and put together the company's long-run strategic objectives and plans, including accompanying sales forecasts and industry outlook.

International Business Law Professionals
In the Import/Export Industry, there is a need of understanding specific legal needs of various countries. Many corporations have there own legal staff to aid in the understanding of legal issues abroad and some hire professional services.

Freight Forwarding and Customhouse Brokers
Freight forwarders and customhouse brokers are agents who facilitate export and import shipments. Freight forwarders specialize in transportation and inventory storage, while customhouse brokers handle import shipments for compensation.

Employers prefer candidates with a master's degree in international affairs, economics or public policy and MBAs. Although many International Companies often hire MBAs to promote trade, but sometimes those with a bachelor's degree and relevant experience can also penetrate the field. There are also opportunities for attorneys to work with such companies on trade laws and restrictions.

Fluency in a second language is preferred, as is knowledge of a particular world region. b writing and research skills, good working knowledge and coursework in international business and economics are also critical for success in this industry.