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Fashion Designer Jobs Fashion designer jobs are not limited to the fashion streets of New York, runways of Paris and Hollywood or Bollywood. On the other hand, fashion design jobs are one of the never ending jobs as the scope of fashion designing industry is beyond the limits. Fashion designer jobs are to design clothes not only for women but also for men and children according to the fashion trends. For this he or she will have to understand the cloth, color and fabric. They have to look both traditional as well as contemporary designs as different people have different likings. Fashion designing also includes designing children's clothes, footwear, designing apparels etc.

Clothes are something that make your personality and also add to your confidence. Therefore these must be designed perfectly. To design a cloth is thus an art that is there in the hands of fashion designer. Also exploring the present day trends and making the project according to that is one of the jobs in fashion design. If you are working in an organization or fashion house or with the lead fashion brand or designer then you will have to make the complete project to be displayed at fashion shows. You will have to perform the business administration work, market the product, and work with the design team.

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The scope of fashion designing is great as everyone is getting fashion and style conscious these days. You cannot satisfy the style but in fashion designing jobs you can definitely design clothes to make people feel better.

Most of the fashion designers are self employed. They have their own fashion houses or boutiques. The boutiques are very common in India where ladies get designer traditional as well as western clothes. Also the clothing companies hire fashion designer to design their textile, fashion clothes and accessories. So fashion designer jobs description vary from company to company.

Skills Required in Fashion Designer Jobs The project may vary but the designing part of fashion designer job is the same that needs the following things in you.
  • As a fashion designer you will have be very original. Give your unspoiled idea that is creative.
  • You must also have an eye for colors as this will be one of your tool with which you can create the difference. So must have the ability to use different colors, their varied tones and shades.
  • Along with good imagination is necessary for the fashion designer jobs. You must have the visualization power so that you can imagine what you are going to make.
  • In fashion design jobs ability to understand project or client's need is must.
  • You must be familiar with all types of fabrics, their properties and how you can use these.

Types of Fashion Designing Jobs The various job opportunities for a fashion designer are as follows:
Artists and Sketchers
You will sketch the new design for the projects. Designing part is the initial thing and thus needs to be done carefully. This is the initial draft of the project.

Assistant Designers
In fashion design jobs you can also work as an assistant designer who will work under lead designer and assist him or her in conceptualization of design.

Head Designers / Design Directors
Then there are head designer who works in fashion design job to supervise the entire project. He or she will guide the assistant designer who in turn will work with his or her creative team and make the project.

Specialty Designers
Any project that requires the special production technique is done by the speciality designers.

Fashion Designing Jobs for Freshers There are large number of fashion designing jobs for freshers in India. In India, a fresher in fashion designing can get jobs as a trainee fashion designer, fashion consultant, cutting assistant, sketching assistant, faculty designer or fabric designer. He or she can also join as a faculty in institutes offering fashion designing courses. An individual can also set up a boutique of his or her own or take up freelancing work.

Start Your Career in Fashion Designing in any one of the following: You can work in export houses, retail and wholesale garment business and companies, handloom and textile manufacturers (both government and semi government), fashion publishers, costume designers for TV and silver screen. You can work in the design department, marketing and merchandising, manufacturing department and as fashion coordinator.

Reputed Companies Offering Fashion Designing Jobs In India, whether at an entry level or in a senior level, yhere are a number of reputed fashion designing houses such as KARLE International, Chennai Fashions (1) Pvt. Ltd, Interaact, Irony Clothings Pvt Ltd, Ashima & Leena Singh, Provogue (India) Ltd. and Authenticity.

Colleges and Institute for Fashion Designer Courses
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) NIFT Campus, Haus Khas, New Delhi-210016.
  • Sophia B.K. Somani Polytechnics 10, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai-400026
  • Pearl Academy of Fashion C-56/2 Okhla Indutrial Area, Phase II, New Delhi-210020
  • International Institute of Fashion Technology H-22, South Extension Part-I, New Delhi-210049
  • J D Institute of Fashion Technology D-247, Savitri Path, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur
  • National Institute of Design (NID) Paldi, Ahmedabad-380007
  • Mangalore Institute of Fashion Technology (MIFT) Kulai, Mangalore-574196
  • Wigan Fashion School Wigan & Leigh College (India) Ltd., 401-402 Skipper Comer, 88 Nehru Place, New Delhi-210019
  • Apeejay Institute of Design 54, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, MB Road, New Delhi-210062
  • National Institute of Fashion Design NIFD Campus, 2-B Jal Bhawan, M.Marg, Sector-27-A, Chandigarh