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Find out Government jobs in India. Also check the list of governement jobs in India, latest government jobs overseas. Get to know the hottest entry level government jobs, benefits of government jobs and type of government jobs employment

GovernmentGovernment jobs in India are the most sought after jobs as they give stability which is not found in the private sector. With economic crisis in Western countries, more and more people are opting for the latest Government jobs in India. Manpower Consultants of India have been able to find a wide range of government jobs for candidates.

Benefits of a Government Job in India There are many other important benefits like PF (Provident Fund), number of paid leaves and other perks which are the part of government jobs but not the private jobs. More higher the position, more the associated benefits of Government jobs in India and elsewhere in the world. Thus as far as stability and benefits are concerned, Government jobs really give you the peace of mind and ahead of private jobs.
Moreover up-gradation of pay-scale after a stipulated period of time, even during the hard economic times, is done in government jobs. So there is an increase in the salary irrespective of the economic condition. Apart from this, health insurance, retirement plans like pension etc are also the part and parcel of the government jobs. Mostly people join government jobs when they are below 30 years of age as most of these jobs specify the age limit. So there are many entry level government jobs India for trainee and freshers.

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Major sectors which offer government jobs in India Government jobs in India consist of all levels and branches of government. It encompasses public defender and prosecution positions and positions with the military and all other agencies such as the Small Business Administration, state or local transit authorities, congressional committees, law enforcement, and provision of social services. There are many india government jobs in the sector of Banking. State Bank of India (SBI) has recently hired so many employees and this banking sector is further expected to do massive hiring. Banking jobs have been followed by the government jobs in railway sector. Also Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, University Grants Commission, Kolkata Port Trust, Delhi Development Authority, National Institue of Rock Mechanics, Footware Design and Development Institute, SAIL etc are hiring and generating entry level govt jobs in India. Also you can do indian government jobs in the field of accounting, aviation, bio-technology, data entry, finance, HR, law, marketing, medical, agriculture, chemistry, defence, IT, librarian, MBA, railway, architecture, banking, clerical, media, management, research, university jobs and so on. For more details on latest government jobs 2011 in India, check the weekly Employment News and Rozgar Samachar.

List of Government Jobs in India We are giving here the main list of departments or sectors, in which aspirants seeking a career in government jobs in India can look for. Here the candidate can find entry level government jobs as well as government jobs that require more years of experience.

Contract Administrator
Prepares proposals and negotiation and administers contracts with government agencies. Here the purchase and sale of equipment, delivery schedules, total cost estimates and also makes bids.

Customs Officer Govt Job
Assists in the regulation of importing and exporting goods.

Historical Research
In historical research indian govt job, the candidate historical analysis; studies policy issues; prepares analytical reports; coordinates the interdisciplinary studies. Works for universities & public research agencies.

Immigration Agent Indian Govenment Job
Assists in the regulation of immigration.

Intelligence Officer Government of India
Researches and analyzes a diversity of geopolitical issues on behalf of the government.

Lobbying Researcher
Identifies information that can be used to support the positions and the efforts of lobbyists.

Government Teacher Job
Instructs high school and junior high school students in specialized subject areas.

Sociological Research Assistant
Does sociological analysis; studies policy issues; prepares analytical reports; coordinates interdisciplinary studies.

Special Program Teacher
Instructs students enrolled in special education programs.

Government Job Planning Researchers Conducts research into the economic, environmental, and social consequences of development in order to support strategies for appropriate growth.

Foreign Service Officer
Works in Foreign Service posts to represent and administer nation's embassy

Labor Relations Researcher
Assists labor relation's specialists with detailed research required for contract negotiations.

Publications Researcher
Researches story and script ideas; maintains research files on topics and people; checks stories for accuracy. Works for government newspaper, magazine, or book publishers.

Radio/Television Researcher
Researches story and script ideas for broadcast media.

Advertising Media Planner
Determines the most cost-effective means of reaching a target market via print and broadcast media.

Accesses and organizes records and documents; conducts historical research to verify authenticity and significance of historical material.

Bank Examiner
Reviews records and procedures to determine whether banks comply with government regulations as well as internal bank policy.

Biomedical/Medical Research Assistant
Follows detailed instructions and prescribed procedures to assist in laboratory research.

Customer Grievance Officers
Handles customer relations, usually through direct contact with customers or clients.

Educational Researcher
Creates new educational methods and materials; assesses the effectiveness of existing methods and materials.

Energy Administrator & Researchers
Manages and plans operations or oversight of work with six major types of energy: oil and gas, coal, hydroelectric, nuclear & solar.

Environmental Administrator
Manages plans, supports, or monitors work involving environmental issues.

Financial Analyst
Assesses the feasibility and profitability of specific financial operations, programs, and transactions.

Judicial Clerk
Performs clerical duties, schedules calendars, keeps records, and does research for courts and judges.

Law Enforcement Officer
Performs a variety of enforcement and investigative activities.

Policy and Procedures Analyst
Write manuals on internal operating procedures and policies.

Public Affairs Coordinator
Creates, implements, and coordinates a service to a community.

Public Relations/Public Information Specialist
Assesses the public relations needs of the government, and plans and implements programs to meet them.

Traffic Administrator
Applies shipping regulations and customs laws, schedules shipments, handles related paperwork.

Government Jobs Overseas Even the internship entry level govt.jobs are very sought after by the students who want to get good experience before actually entering into the market. These are specifically famous in USA where for internship students join the government houses and get real time experience. In US, the Federal government has done an announcement for hiring about tens of thousands of employees for different posts across US. Medical and Public Health sector of US Federal Government will hire around 54,114 employees. It is followed by Security and Protection, Compliance and Enforcement, Legal and Administration/Program Management. So there are plenty of government jobs overseas. So motivated students of US must not worry about their future as there are now coming many exciting opportunities. Along with age, these have the specific requirement of education. The type and level of education depends upon the department in which you are applying. In most of the jobs graduate degree is required.