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Head Hunter from IndiaA headhunter is someone who actively seeks out the best talent for a particular job (usually high-level executive positions). Below the headhunters there's a whole spectrum of employment agencies. From basic short-term labor hire outfits to executive search agencies who deal in more advanced positions. International employers look to Headhunters for exposure and access to the highest quality and quantity of job seekers in the market.

Through strategic relationships with select partners, headhunter from India, create an International Gateway, which provides significant job content from leading International employers in the Indian marketplace. The initiative is created through alliances with international partners to serve communities in Canada, Quebec, India, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the United Kingdom.

The Headhunters, assists the Indian aspirants and International Corporations with their huge database as well as other tools, which helps them in managing their job search process. These services include the ability to post and upgrade their resume, save their job searches, and create job search "informants" that notify them about jobs that match their skills.

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How Headhunters Work?
Whether it is an International employer looking for the best talent in the industry or Indian job seeker on the look out for a change, Headhunter makes the process simple, focused, fast and comprehensive in the following way: Firstly, the headhunter seek following information from the client :

  • Company profile
  • Job Location
  • Job position / title and reporting structure
  • Job description in detail
  • Desired minimum years of previous work experience of the candidate
  • Desired age profile of the candidate
  • Time frame for joining.
  • Indicative salary range + other perks like medical, accommodation, leave etc.
  • Any other information, which can assist them in the search.

The Process :
After the information is obtained, they understand and analyze in detail the type of project for which the International client is recruiting Indian Candidates, and the profiles which in their opinion will match the requirement, based on their experience and in-house expertise.

A combination of the following activities is undertaken for gathering profiles, scrutinizing applications and eventually short-listing candidates:

  1. Searching own existing database for matching profiles.
  2. Headhunting candidates through various personal contacts in the industry.
  3. Headhunting from other companies in the similar industry.
  4. Hosting vacancies on subscribed job portals.
Shortlisting and final selection

Headhunters undertake the following activities and conducts the following checks before sending the CV to the client.

  1. Checking Communication skills
  2. Experience related to the job vacancy
  3. Availability / interest for the said job vacancy and job location
  4. Current salary details & expected salary
  5. Checking whether the candidate can relocate within the stipulated period.
After the above matches as per the client's requirements, only the short-listed CVs are forwarded to the client, for their perusal.

The final shortlist for interviews to be conducted is obtained from the client. The headhunters ensure coordination of the interview date, time and venue with the client and the candidate. Interviews are held either telephonically or in person as preferred by client. After the interview process is completed and the client decides on the offers, they undertake the tasks of reference checks from previous employers, checking whether the candidates are in possession of academic and work experience certificates.

Allied services
Headhunters from India also holds the necessary experience in assisting and co-ordination for issuance of Visas/Work permits from local consulates, undergoing statutory medical tests, notarization & attestation of testimonials and completion of air-ticketing formalities.