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Work At Home JobsThere are many of us who dream to have a home based job or a business. For many, working for a nine-to-five job becomes very taxing and stressful, for many a home based job provides an opportunity to get rid of the boss's influence and workplace hierarchy so as to enable to develop his or her own ideas and skills. Home Based Business belongs to one of the most popular jobs categories today. There are many other reasons where many are opting for home based business. Working from home has been most sought after not only by housewives, retired people, moms but also by well experienced professionals for the flexible working hours, freedom, control over own life and of course high paid rewards for work well done. This growing body of home based jobs includes employees of different types, including freelancers, consultants, independent contractors, marketing and sales peronnels and telecommuters. There are many advantages and disadvantages of home based jobs.

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How to start? Factors to Consider for Work from Home Jobs
  • If you really want to opt for a home based business, first of all do a complete research. Identify the home business career which is most suitable for you. Prepare you resume in the same way as if you were applying for a regular job. Mention your skills, experience and personal qualities. Include in your CV, the list of the facilities and equipment you have at home for your business.
  • Before you start your own home based job, see exactly how many hours you can devote for your work. Consider all pros and cons. You might think that you have plenty of time with you but in reality you might face the conflicting demands of family and home.
  • When you make up your mind to start working from home, you need to be happy about it. Do a job that you enjoy doing. It should not be a forced decision so that at the end you have to regret about it. Get opinions from others who are actually into this business. Check out on a daily basis the good and bad points about this type of business before you commit your own money and time.
  • Remember, the earnings of a home based business wont be same as your regular income initially. Infact it would be less than your present earnings. You need to establish yourself first. Market yourself and your product/service well first. To make the home based business ideas work for you, spend some money on marketing. Do some careful budgeting.
  • There are various types of home based jobs. So you need to diversify you home job. You should try a number of opportunities so that you can easily leave a certain job you do not like doing and start working on the other.

Most Popular Home Based Business When you have made up your mind to start home based business, there are different kinds of options available that you could undertake. As per your skills and abilities, you can choose your home based jobs. Find here the list of the most popular home based business ideas. However, this is not an exhaustive list of home-based jobs. Conduct an Internet search and you will find such jobs that suit your skill and experience and likings.

You can provide secretarial or administration services from home for small businesses, professionals, proprietors or other home workers.

Cosmetics Sales
If you love to meet and talk with people, this is a suitable career. This job is selling cosmetic products directly to individual customers, through various options like as "parties" organized in people's own homes, and via networks. For this you need to demonstrate your stuff in front of your prospective customers effectively. You need to look good and presentable. Undertake some PR and administration. An extrovert person suits this profile well.

Direct Sales and Mail Order Sales
Digital communications and IT make direct sales and mail order sales a strong growth area. This job implies purchasing a product at a wholesale price and selling that product through the internet or mail order directly to customers. There is no need for a shop to sell your product. For this, you need to thoroughly research what products are available, what is their price. You need to have very strong marketing skills as well as a solid promotional budget to make this home job work for you.

Home Accounting Career
There are options for accountant to work from home as freelancers, serving small and medium-sized businesses. Home accounting service includes payroll, tax submissions and returns, tax advice, and annual accounting. Training and certification is required, although un-certified accountants can also provide a regular service for small businesses. This type of home based job provides an excellent source of income.

Data Entry
Data entry jobs provide an excellent steady source of income . Usually payment is made as per the number of entries made rather than by the hour . Not very exciting but the advantage is that you can pick the work up and put it down as you please.

Answering Service
Many small businesses outsource their telephone answering to reduce their staffing costs. This is an easy home job to perform from your home, but you need to fix up your available time for this service, whether part-time, full-time, during office hours, weekdays or weekends, etc.

Resume/CV Writing
This has become a very popular home based job. If you have the skill you can provide this service from your home.

Word Processing
This service can be offered along with Resume/CV Writing and Virtual Administration. Small businesses can provide information to be word processed and correctly formatted and presented. For this you should have the right equipment, and should have good communication skills for dealing with customers.

Content Writing
Content Writing has also become a well known home based business. If you have good writing skills, then you can opt for this. You can write for company websites, newspapers, research papers, press release, advertisers etc. This is a good freelance job. The drawback is obtaining enough regular work to give you a steady income.

If you know foreign language or if you are a native speaker in a foreign language, you can set up your own translation service.

Graphic and Website Design
Graphic Design , Website Design are very well suited to home based job. There is a continuing need for website designs in this fast age of technology and Internet. No doubt there is competition in this field, but if you have a good sense of design, some graphic training, know the current trends in designing, and the ability to market yourself and your work, website design can be a lucrative job to work from home.

Self Publishing
This is a new opening provided by the Internet. This is for writing e-books. If you can write high quality, research material, people will pay for it. This home based job does not require much investments. All you need to do is to research thoroughly on a particular subject, write about it and upload it on the Internet. They are easy to distribute via downloads.

Medical Transcriptions
Medical transcription is a job for which you need to be properly trained in medical language. The job involves transcribing dictation given by doctors or medical professionals through a tape or a digital voice processing system. This home based job has a good pay but training is expensive.

Costume Making
This is another home based job that you can take up if you have the skills of costume designing. Costumes can be made for dancers or for parades or theater personnel. Costumes can be made on a "production line" basis. For this you should know to sew well, quickly, and have a strong imagination.

Interior Design
You can run an interior design business from your home. Marketing and Training are very essential for this job.

Child Care
This is a very lucrative home based job specially for housewives, retired women professional and even moms. You can start you own creche at your home. There is a large market for such people who provide childcare in their homes in the local community.

Craft Making
If making crafts is a hobby for you, you can make this your business as well. You can sell your products to local people and/or via your website. This is a competitive field so you need to market yourself well. Profit levels can be low if your handmade work is over priced. So make a study first on the prices charged on various crafts in the market and then you can fix up your price for your product.