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Hospitality JobsThe word hospitality covers hotels, restaurants, industrial or organized catering for offices, hospitals, educational institutions, private homes, defense services, railways, cruise ships and flight catering. Indian hospitality managers have built a reputations and are being hired by international hotel chains and cruise liners in big numbers.

The past few years has seen an exodus of hospitality professionals to areas like IT-enabled services, insurance, banking and healthcare, as also to travel, airlines, training, consulting and leisure. These fast-growing sectors are luring hospitality managers by more than doubling salaries and the demand-supply gap is such that junior executives can make that leap to middle management and then on to senior management at a much younger age than before.
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Categories of hospitality industry :
  • Chefs & Cooks (All Cuisines)
  • Restaurant Managers
  • Captains & Stewards
  • Banquets
  • Housekeeping
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Front Office
  • Guest relations
  • General Managers
  • Heads of Departments
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Travel Related services
  • Hostesses
  • Maintenance & Engineering
  • Event Managers
International Prospects for Hospitality Managers
There is a high demand of Indian hotel managers and staff in the international industry. This is particularly so in the Middle East, in cities like Dubai. One reason is that the local population of trained manpower is very limited and there are practically no institutions offering professional training, in these countries. The manpower shortage is also being felt in developed countries in Europe (including the UK), the USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. They all prefer Indian managers because of their high educational level, quality of education standards followed by Hospitality Management Schools of India and the experience which they gain by working in Indian. It is estimated that International employers recruit about 20% of Indian management graduates every year.

Job opportunities in other service sectors and multinational companies
According to the new trend, which has been observed in the last few years, Indian managers are hired all across the globe, in large numbers in other service sectors like banks, airlines, multiplexes, shopping malls, cruise ships etc. A number of International companies are now coming to Indian management institutions for placement in a routine manner. Apart from the new graduates, there is also a high demand for those who have worked in hotels and restaurants, particularly in areas dealing with customers, like front office and F&B service. A number of hospitality managers with a good record have been joining banks, airlines, call centers etc.