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Hotel Jobs
Hotel Jobs
Hotel jobs are one of the lucrative careers that is growing swiftly these days. With the growth of hotel industry, propelled by increasing foreign, domestic business and tourism, the demand for well-trained quality personnel has grown tremendously and so does the hotel jobs. The career opportunities in hotels jobs are not limited to domestic placements only, but there are multinational chains of hotels, which operate internationally providing jobs in hotel industry.

Hotel Jobs Opportunity Galore If we look at the stats to know more about hotel jobs then it is clear that 4.4 million tourists visited India last year and number is expected to reach 10 million in 2010. This means that there will be more hotel hospitality jobs in India than ever. Along with this hotel chains is looking for growth which will generate numerous hotels jobs. According to World Travel and Tourism Council, India our country at present ranks 18th in business travel and in the coming decade the rank is expected to be 5th. So you can expect number of hotels jobs coming in the market. Indian hotel management students are in demand in the international hotel industry also. This is particularly so in the Middle East, in cities like Dubai. One reason is that the local population of trained manpower is very limited there and practically they have no hotel management institutions. Therefore recruiters for jobs in hotel industry look for Indians in these countries. In this all the categories of hotel hospitality jobs are covered from executive to higher positions.

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The manpower shortage for jobs in hotel industry is also being felt in developed countries in Europe (including the UK), the USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. They all like to hire Indian hotel and restaurant managers because of their high educational level, quality of education standards in some hotel management schools in India and the experience, which they gain by working in the Indian hotel. These generates number of hotel jobs.

Career Options in Hotels Jobs Your can start your career hotels in any five start hotels in India that include Taj Group of Hotels, Oberoi, Hyatt, Sheraton and can enter the different department like food and beverages, house keeping, front office, food production as per the interest and experience. Hotel hospitality jobs can also be started in ancillaries and chain of restaurants like Mc Donald, KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino'z etc. Hotel management students get good salary in hotel jobs.

Hotel management students can also join airlines as air hostess or flight stewards. Also you can do the ground jobs in hotel as public relation officers. As per the experience and qualification you can get job upto 70k.

Apart from this hotel management student can join the retail sector including malls and PVR, hospital and BPO industry. Also hotel jobs include the job of teaching and consultants who help the students and entrepreneurs who want to open their hotels.

Global growth and development of tourism having opened up innumerable openings, professionals can look for bright career opportunities in hotel jobs and allied industry to get absorbed.

Four Basic Categories of Hotel Jobs
  • Accommodation Management Hotel Jobs
  • Catering Management Hotel Jobs
  • Cleaning Jobs in Hotel
  • Event Management Hotel Jobs
Besides this you can also apply for the following jobs in hotel industry
  • Hospitality Executives
  • Chefs
  • Faculty in Hotel Management
  • Catering Officers in Cruiselines/Ships
  • Marketing Executives in Hotel / Multinational companies
  • Managers in Tourism Development Corporations hotels jobs
  • Housekeeping hotel jobs
  • Accounting hotel jobs
  • Marketing jobs in hotel
  • Financial management
  • Food and Beverage Management
Hotel Jobs Demand The diversity of experience in hotel management is greater than in any other profession. Jobs in hotel industry involves combination of various skills like management, food and beverage service, housekeeping, front office operation, sales and marketing, accounting etc. With the increasing competition in the hotel industry, there is a great demand for qualified manpower and consequently students who pass out from the premier institutes of hotel management and catering technology are in great demand. There for for them hotel hospitality jobs are never ending.

The Must Have's for Hotel Jobs The Aspirants must possess skills, knowledge and attitude to efficiently discharge supervisory responsibilities in the operational areas of food production, food and beverage service, front office operation and house keeping. The employers look forgive preference to the professionals with substantial managerial inputs in subjects such as Sales and Marketing, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Hotel and Catering Law, Property Management, Entrepreneurship development, and other related subjects.

Top Hotel Management Collages in India
  • Oberoi Centre, 7, Sham Nath Marg, Delhi-110 054, India
  • IHM, Veer Sawarkar Marg, Dadar (WR), Mumbai- 400 028
  • WGSHA, Valley View, Manipal 576119
  • IHM, National Council for Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Pusa New Delhi
  • IHM, Dr Rafiq Zakaria Campus, Rauza Bagh, Aurangabad 431 001, Maharashtra, India
  • IHM, S.J. Polytechnic Campus, Seshadri Road, Bangalore 560 001,India
  • IHM, CIT Campus, TTTI - Taramani P.O., Chennai - 600 113
  • IHM, P-16, Taratola Road, Calcutta - 700 088
  • IHM, Govt. Polytechnic Compound, Ahmedabad - 380 015
  • Christ College, Bangalore, Hosur Road, Bangalore 560029
Eligibility for Hotel Jobs With hotels coming up in record numbers to cater to the ever-growing domestic and international travelers, the demand for trained professionals has multiplied in the industry. International Hotel Industry prefers candidates with a Degree or Diploma in Hotel Management from a recognized Institute.

There is a tremendous opportunity for working abroad if you have done a Hotel Management degree in India and have joined the hospitality industry. Visas for such persons are being granted with a fast track procedure.

Kinds of Hotels Jobs Hotel Manager Jobs Hotel manager job is one of the most responsible jobs. The hotel manager job description differ from hotel to hotel. If it is a five star hotel and located in an area where it receives high visitor volume then in hotel job you will have to work on your toes. There will be different departments under you and as hotel manager you will have to supervise all. The basic of hotel manager jobs is provide comfort to guest and make the hotel as profitable as possible. In hotel manager jobs, manager has to supervise everything from lodging, food to entertainment aspect. Each day work schedule is alloted to the employees and checked if the work has been done or not.

Concierge Hotel Jobs Concierge hotel jobs are in big hotels only. In concierge jobs you will have to arrange the transportation on the requirement of guest, plan the sigh scene trip and get the orders for massage. IN concierge hotel jobs tourist are helped so that they feel comfortable and visit the hotel again.

Housekeeping Hotel Job He or she will have to do the cleaning of rooms daily. Most of the housekeeping jobs start early morning till evening. In housekeeping jobs cleaning of bathroom, keeping bath towels, changing soap et are also done.

Hotel Receptionist Jobs Hotel receptionist jobs are the front desk jobs. A receptionist must be very courteous, polite and ready to help guests. You can also be a head receptionist where you supervise the receptionists.Also the room allocation to guests, their checking in and checking out are handled in hotel receptionist jobs. Auditing and maintaining finance, taking the payments and sending the reminders of payment is also done in hotel receptionist jobs. NO particular education is required to get into hotel receptionist job but you must be good at communication and patient. Along with this your personality must be very pleasing.

Chef Hotel Jobs Chefs play important role in the value of hotel as you can fetch more guest if you are giving them presentable and delightful food. You can start your career from the executive position and become the main or chief chef who gets a very handsome salary. IN large hotel you must know multiple cuisines, their preparation and ways to serve that is a graceful way.

Financial Jobs in Hotel Financial jobs in hotel are also very popular. Here you will have to check the finances of hotel, make the accounts and manage the profit. Annual reports are prepared and how to take tax benefits are explained in this hotels jobs. There are many other legal formalities related to finance that are taken care of in financial jobs.