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HR JobsHR or human resource is such a department that can be seen in every type of organization whether big or small. So employment market always has HR jobs or human resource jobs. Employee retention, recruitment, interviewing and hiring earlier was earlier done by the administration department that now is taken care by Human Resource department of a company. In an effort to ameliorate the company's performance, human resource executives also help the organization to get right kind of employee, train them at regular interval of time for continuous development of organization as well as employee, create good working condition, organize events during festival seasons and judge the satisfaction level of the employees of an organization. So HR department is an indispensable part of the organization that must be very efficient for the right functioning of the organization as a whole. Get the help of reliable Manpower Consultants to find relevant himan resourse jobs.

As the number of organizations and consulting firms are increasing in number in India there are numerous hr jobs in India. The organizations are looking for the freshers at executive levels in hr job in India so that they can build an image in the industry. Even the big organizations are hiring professionals to glean more benefits.

Human Resource Management HRM (Human Resource Management) works within an organization and tackle the issues related to recruitment, management, appraisal and tries to keep the employees of an organization as a family by organizing various events et at. Also other matters like compensation, hiring, organization's development, employee satisfaction, benefits, administration, training, appraisal et at are handled by the human resource department of an organization.

In small organization, executive in human resource jobs should be very knowledgeable as he or she will have to take care of all the activities in HR. Whereas in large organizations there is one director of human resources. HR there is further divided into departments that are headed by learned managers having team of professional HR executive and middle management. These departments can be employment and placement, training and development or compensation and benefits.

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Mostly HR jobs are preferred by females as there is no night or late shifts in these jobs and these are totally the office job. The salary in HR jobs and Admin jobs vary with the experience and education like any other field. Also the firm size and its location define the salary. For executive it can be close to $50k per annum that at managerial position becomes $85-90K. Some of the Hr jobs are very high paying. Some hr jobs are also part time in which some work can be done from home.

Educational Requirement for Human Resource Job Although small organizations will entertain any graduate to be part of their HR executive team but if you really want to begin your career in HR jobs then you must prepare from the beginning of your career. Pursue your graduation and post graduation in HR to reap more benefits. You may enter into this field and pursue your education along with your work. You can get bachelor's degree in BBA with HR as your main subject, Then you can go for the MBA having specialization in HR. Human Resource Management courses can be found under the department of education, business, organization development, communication, human services or public administration.

While studying, the courses in compensation, training and development, recruitment, performance appraisal, organizational structure, principles of management et al should be taken to get human resource job.

Human Resource Jobs Certification Getting human resource certification is becoming popular. The main one is the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) that gives two types of HR certifications. These are:
  • Professional in Human Resources (PHR)
  • Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)
Besides this there are other HR certifications, as:
  • Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS)
  • Certified Compensation Professional (CCP)
  • Certified Benefits Professional (CBP)
  • Global Remuneration Professional (GRP)
  • Work-Life Certified Professional (WLCP)
Although these are not absolutely necessary but if you have these then you will have an added advantage. Type of the company and the job defines the requirement of Human Resource Certifications.

Other Requirements of HR Job
  • Excellent communication skills and very interactive personality
  • Comfortable in judging diverse people from different education, religious, age and experience background
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Keen observation power
  • Integrity and fairness in work and judging the right candidate
  • Knowledge of computer
Career In Human Resource: HR Jobs in India These days HR jobs requires the complete package that include human resource, training, labor relations manager and specialists. You can do job as

HR Executive
This is the basic or entry level of HR job that is given to any graduate and freshers. The HR executive in small organization will have to look after the entire work of HR but on the other hand in larger organizations the HR is sub divided into various departments. There the role of each HR executive is clearly defined. HR executive in HR jobs can be in recruitment, performance appraisal and compensation, training department et al.

Pay Roll/Compensation in Human Resource HR person here will have to look after each and every aspect related to salary, benefits, compensation. Number of leaves taken by employees, calculation of monthly salary, generation of pay slip, compensation, bonus etc are taken care by HR employees in pay roll or compensation department of HR.

Recruitment Executive
The initial screening of the candidate is done by the recruitment executive. He or she takes the interview of the candidate to check if s/he is suitable for the particular job or not. Here the communication and written skills of the candidates are checked. Recruitment executive asks certain basic question like name, previous experience, strength and weakness, education back ground etc. Based on this candidates are selected and sent for the technical or any further round.

Performance Management
There are human resource jobs in which the HR executive takes care of performance appraisal of the existing employees of the organization. This is considered under the category of pay roll and compensation and there is no separate HR job for this. You must know the different performance appraisal methods and must be familiar to the type of method that is applied in a particular organization where you are working. This requires the making of performance appraisal form. There must be a separate performance appraisal form for the processes that are dissimilar in terms of working. For this HR executive must sit with the process manager to know the complete details so that correct performance appraisal form can be made.

Training HR Jobs
You can also get HR jobs in Training department where you will have to identify the training needs of the employee and get them right kind of training happening inside or outside the organization. In house training are also organized by the HR executive in this department.
Also in Human resource jobs you can be
  • Employment and placement managers
  • Recruitment specialists
  • Employment interviewers or human resources consultants
  • Compensation, benefits, and job analysis specialists
  • Occupational analysts
  • Employee benefits managers and specialists or employee welfare managers
  • Training and development managers
  • Training specialists
  • Labor relations managers