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Indian Workers Abroad

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Indian Workers AbroadIndians constitute the epicenter of the Silicon Valley revolution. This means that India have moved from being a job-seeking economy to one that is being driven by demand in developed nations for services and migrant workers from developing countries. There are believed to be some 20 million ethnic Indians overseas, a diaspora that produces an estimated US$300 billion in purchasing power.

About Indian Workers Abroad
Indians, along with other immigrant groups, make up 43 per cent of the New York City workforce. Foreign-born Indians are at the high end of the educational spectrum as also that for income distribution. The average number of workers per Indian household is 1.5 and the median Indian household income is $50,000.

A report on the New York City immigrant profile, released by the department of city planning, states that 41 per cent of working Indian males are in professional and managerial positions. Out of this, around 8 per cent are in the service sector, about 26 per cent in sales and office work, 6 per cent in construction, extraction and maintenance, and about 19 per cent in production, transportation and material moving. 58 per cent of working Indian females are in professional or managerial positions. Out of this, 32 per cent are involved in sales and office work.

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Indians: A saga of success in America
The money-power of the Indi-community speaks for itself. According to the US Census Bureau the Indian median family annual income stands at $60,000 as against the national average of $38,885 and the estimated annual buying power of Indians working abroad stands at $20 billion.

More than 300,000 Indians worked in technology firms in California's Silicon Valley, with their average income estimated at $125,000 a year. About one-third of the engineers in Silicon Valley are of Indian descent, while over 7 percent of valley's high-tech firms are led by Indian CEOs.

Indias Global Community

The Gulf
Indian diaspora: 3.5 million
Indian diaspora: 45,000
Indian diaspora: 90,000
South Africa
Indian diaspora: 1.2 million
Indian diaspora: 2.9 million
United Kingdom
Indian diaspora: 942,000
Indian diaspora: 1.6 million
United Kingdom
Indian diaspora: 942,000

Indian diaspora: 950,000
Some Indians were sent to the Caribbean in colonial times to work on sugar plantations. Today the community is fully integrated and has significant commercial and political influence.

Indian diaspora: 700,000
The country is almost entirely populated by People of Indian Origin.

Indian diaspora : 150,000
There has been an influx of investors and professionals as Canada eased its immigration laws. The biggest community is in and around Vancouver and Toronto and largely consists of white collar and professional workers.

All over the world, the idea of India and the image of Indians is being rethought. We aren't just a country that provides cheap labour anymore; we're also a country of highly-educated, skilled professionals.