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Industrial Safety & Risk Management

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Industrial Safety & Risk ManagementSafety and security of the personnel, assets and the environmental protection are on top of the agenda of all Industries.

Job prospects are expected to increase in the coming years with the national & international and Government & non-Government organizations paying more attention to calamities. This opens a whole new market of Jobs for Indian professionals who hold a degree in Industrial safety Management or Risk Management.

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Career Opportunities
Industrial Safety Management and Risk Management opens up many career options in NGOs, manufacturing firms, construction establishments, hospitals, management consulting firms, public utilities, colleges, Paramilitary Organizations, Defense, Government Institutions and Research & Development Organizations.
The various Career options available, in this field are : -

Fire protection engineer
These safety specialists use the basic tools of engineering and science to help protect people, property and operations from fire and explosions.

Industrial safety Manager
Many safety professionals work in manufacturing and production operations to help ensure that working conditions and work methods are safe for employees.

Industrial hygiene Manager
Industrial hygienists specialize in workers' exposure to chemical and physical hazards created by industrial processes.

Environmental safety manager
An environmental safety officer help in regulating the processes, which eliminate the release of materials that can harm the public or damage the environment, or recover and recycle excess materials for environmental conservation.

System safety Engineer
Aerospace, military, medical, scientifically-advanced projects and high-tech industries have relied on the system safety specialists to develop concepts, designs and products that have a high reliability of operation and low level of risk.

Risk management Specialist
Risk management is an integral part of the modern organizational management to reduce the likelihood and size of losses and to pay for those losses that cannot be prevented.

Construction safety Engineer
Construction safety professionals recognize and control a variety of safety, health and fire hazards in unique and ever-changing work environments. The need for construction safety professionals continues to expand since construction is one of the most hazardous industries.

Transportation safety Engineer
Safety professionals play an important role in the safety of all forms of transportation: Railroads, auto, trucking, aviation, maritime shipping and oil and gas pipelines.

The Recruiters look for :
  • The Must Have's
  • Resistant to stress, flexibility, and decisiveness.
  • Tact and good judgment.
  • An eye for detail and good problem-solving skills.
  • Planning ability and a knack for working under pressure.
  • A high degree of concentration level, responsibility and accountability.
  • Practical Intelligence
  • Physical Energy and Stamina
  • Management Abilities,
  • Ability to work hard and for irregular hours

There is a lot of scope in the International Market for candidates who have a certificate in disaster/risk/industrial safety management besides a professional degree. The aspirant must have an eye for detail and ability to foresee, prevent, control and manage accidents.