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Information & TechnologyInformation Technology Professionals take care of software computer applications & hardware component of it. The major duties of IT professionals include installing computers and networks, database and software designs, administration and management of computers and its network. IT is a very huge field that is becoming an integral part of every business across the world. Local business can now be placed on an international platform with the help of information technology that combines communication and IT infrastructure for better and fast communication. So with this each year many IT jobs are generated.

Career in information technology is very lucrative. Even the fresher has good salary and there are numerous growth prospects in this sector. You can join an organization at entry level and with your capabilities you can reach at managerial level. IT companies hire information technology personnels at every level.

Information Technology in India Information technology in India is seeing a paradigm shift. From IT as a sector it is now becoming IT as an industry. Government instead of controlling infrastructure and technology is now facilitating these. Information technology is no longer for specialists but with constant efforts from the government it has become for masses. Each year around 73,000 students in the field of information technology are produced in India and Government of India is expected to increase the number further to have more information technology professionals in India. At state level many new projects to promote IT have been launched. 'Grameen Data Processing Centers' in Karnataka close to Silicon Valley, Bangalore have come up recently.

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Information technology has resulted in the changing the image of India at global level. The highest body for software services in India, the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM), has shown estimates on GDP and Information Technology. According to NASSCOM, the information technology sector revenue is expected to go to 5.8 per cent in FY 2008-09 from 1.2 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in FY 1997-98. Also according to another study by Springboard Research , India's IT service market is the fastest growing sector in entire Asia-Pacific region. India has around 60 million Internet users.

In a research by Gartner, India will remain an IT leader in outsourcing because of the easy availability of technical work force. Along with this India is the second largest in terms of number of information technology professionals who can speak English that is why many international companies hire IT professionals from India. Around 4 million technical workers, more than 1,832 educational institutions and polytechnics and more than 67,785 information technology professionals, India is truly the most desiring place when it comes to hire IT professionals from India. The enormous base of skilled IT manpower is a major draw for global customers.

Employment of computer specialists is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations as organizations continue to adopt and integrate increasingly sophisticated technologies. The phenomenal growth, which the IT (Information Technology) industry is witnessing, has lead to it being recognized as one of the highly paid industry. The availability of skilled, qualified professionals is hardly able to meet the requirement, leaving a arge gap to be filled by the Indian Technocrats.

Career in ITIndian information technology professionals are spread globally. There is no sector today that does not require IT professionals. It is not only the IT companies but also other sectors like call centers ,biotech , communication etc that need information technology professionals. IT manpower from India is thus in demand. Career in IT can be as

IT Consultants
IT consultants are the the information technology professionals who work with clients and guide them on how to use information technology in order to improve the business and how to handle the problems. Marketing, systems development, client relationship management and project management are the other aspects of IT Consultants job. It consultants are also associated with the sales and business development .

Network Administrator
Information technology professionals who work as network administrator keep an eye of network. Job can be in the small to big organization. There are certain certification like MCSE, CCNA, CCSP that can be done and generally required to become an IT professional in the field of networking.

Database Specialist
SQL, Oracle, Oracle HRMS are the very important applications of database specialist. These are the information technology professionals who mange the large data. Database specialization is one of the fastest growing areas within IT and the IT professionals in this are also very well paid.

Software Engineer
Software engineer is an IT professional who design and develop software application. Web designing, working with software languages like VB, C++, .net, COBOL, JAVA etc is done by the software engineers. Sky is the only limit to these information technology professionals who have range of employment opportunities in fields starting from computer operations, programming, system analysis to system designing, system engineering and operation management.

Hardware Engineer
Hardware engineer is that information technology professional who check the proper functioning of computers and their networks. Constantly checking the network, Internet for the continuous work is done by IT Professionals. The key areas, which can be taken up as career, include hardware designing, research and development, assembling, manufacturing and maintenance of computer components.

Various Other IT Careers

Telecom is an integral part of IT. International Telecom companies as well as national ones hire IT professionals from India. The various fields, which can be pursued as career in this industry are voice processing units, telephone technology, wireless technology, cellular technology and satellite communication systems.

Sales & Marketing
Sales and marketing in IT industry is a specialist task and requires a thorough study of products and their competition. Marketing covers selling of both hardware and software products

E-Commerce and Web Development
The job will include consumer/buyer information and services, developing and managing Web-portals, creation of Internet market, customer management, consulting etc.

Enterprise Resource Planning
ERP is planning the resources of entire network of an enterprise. Various fields like purchase, production, marketing, distribution, sales, service, inventory, finance, accounts, human resource are integrated on a single software through ERP, to facilitate better coordination.

Computer Operator
A computer operator's job is to run both the computer and its peripheral equipment. The job may vary depending upon size of the organization and its exposure to omputers.

Data Entry
Data entry is transferring information into the computer and is the most basic purpose for which computers are used. Data entry operators are needed in almost every organization.

EligibilityRapidly changing technology requires an increasing level of skill and education on the part of employees. International Companies looks for ofessionals with an ever-broader background and range of skills, including not only technical knowledge, but also communication and other interpersonal skills.

Individuals with an advanced degree in computer science or computer engineering or with an MBA with a concentration in information systems should enjoy highly favorable employment prospects. College graduates with a bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering, information science, or MIS also should enjoy favorable prospects for employment, particularly if they have supplemented their formal education with practical experience.

Top Information Technology Companies India has become the global mark for IT professionals because of dedicated hard work and effective IT strategies of the IT companies. Some of the key players that provide good career in IT-ITES sector are -

  • Infosys technologies
  • TCS
  • Wipro Technologies
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Persistent
  • Cognizant
  • Amdocs
  • Cybage,
  • Castech
  • HCL technologies
  • Satyam Computers
  • Patni
  • Mphasis
  • Convergys
  • Firstsource solution
  • L&T Infotech
  • Genpact
  • Intelnet Global services

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