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IT Hardware JobsIT hardware job is the technical job that requires the knowledge of computers and networking. So if you are interested and hand on these then you must go for the Information Technology hardware jobs. Although it is very simple to define IT hardware jobs but in actual practice regular updates, 24x7 working environment and much more is required. IT hardware jobs are part of Information Technology jobs along with software jobs. IT is such a big industry and part of every business. With the help of information technology local business can be made international and with this exchange of information has become very easy and quick.

The career prospects in jobs in hardware are many. You can start your career as an executive and with right direction you can achieve big heights in this profession. But you need to do certifications to update your resume and career in hardware and networking.

IT Hardware Jobs Requirements Hardware and Networking jobs mostly requires the candidate to be B Tech or BCA (Bachelors in Computer Application). But this is not the hard and fast rule of getting jobs in computer hardware and networking. Even if you have done diploma in hardware and has the relevant experience, you can get the job. But this job will be of executive level with less salary as compare to the candidate who has done B Tech.

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Apart from this there are many certification in this stream that must be done in order to boost your career. The most required ones in hardware fields are
  • Certification by Microsoft (MCP, MCSA and MCSE)
  • Certifications by Cisco (CCNA, CCSA, CCNP, CCIE)
  • CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate.CCDA: Cisco Certified Design AssociateCCNP: Cisco Certified Network ProfessionalCCIP: Cisco Certified Internetwork ProfessionalCCSP: Cisco Certified Security Professional CCVP: Cisco Certified Voice ProfessionalCCIE (R&S): Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (Routing & Switching)CCIE (Service Provider): Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (Service ProviderCCIE (Security): Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (Service Provider
  • Certified Novell Engineer

Once you have done this then there is no looking back in IT Hardware Jobs Types of Computer Hardware and Networking Jobs Technical Support Jobs
Technical support job is the beginning level job in hardware. Here the candidate provides solutions to client regarding any technical problem. The solution can be provided over phone, email, directly or via any other available medium. The way to use computer hardware and software products is also explained to the client. Educational and experience requirements for technical support jobs vary from company to company and also the level of job will define its requirements. But candidate must be from technical background with basic certifications.

Network Engineer
Network Engineer is also one of the hardware jobs but of higher level. Here just the basic understanding of how the computer works and all that is not sufficient but you will have to earn certifications and must have at least graduation or IT diploma or both. As a network engineer you must know windows, Cisco systems, Linux, UNIX, Novell etc. Also the networking knowledge and work experience in switches, routers, servers, cables, LAN, WAN, DNS, TCP/IP, VoIP, EIGRP, BGP, ATM, NHRP et al is must. As a network engineer you will work to install all hardware and softwares for the system along with the maintenance of network. System back up, administration of server, troubleshooting, system performance, management of user accounts, email, anti-virus, permissions, network security, software security and strong analytical abilities are required.

Network Consultant
Network consultant is the further ladder in IT hardware jobs where the network consultant design, implement and maintains the information technology network of companies, organizations and corporations. As a network consultant either you will have to update the existing network or create the whole new network for the company. You must know the computing equipments, programming and telephony part of this to become a Network Consultant.

Manufacturing Jobs
Many companies that are into manufacturing of computer and networking parts hire hardware engineers. Like Intel hires candidates to manufacture, design and assemble their hardware components and microprocessors. Then there are many companies that deal in computer and hardware hire candidates for IT hardware jobs. Major companies hiring for IT hardware jobs.
  • Apple
  • Dell
  • Cisco
  • Microsoft
  • HCL
  • Wipro
  • Gateway
  • TCS
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Microland
  • Sony Electronics

So there are numerous corporate IT hardware job opportunities that can give wings to your career.