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Law (Legal Jobs)Employment of lawyers is expected to grow, primarily as a result of growth in the population and in the general level of business activities throughout the world. Employment growth of lawyers also will result from growth in demand for legal services in such areas as elder, antitrust, environmental, and ntellectual-property law.

The legal assistant profession is projected to grow by 33% during the coming years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As compared with other occupations, this is an above average growth rate.

Private law firms are the largest employers of law graduates, but a growing number of other organizations are beginning and continuing to hire them. These organizations include corporate legal departments, insurance companies, real estate and title insurance firms, and banks.

Career Opportunities
The current industry scenario offers attractive career avenues for Indian Law Professionals. The various career options available are :

Government Services
Law Professionals can become, Law officers, Assistant Advisors, Legal Advisors, senior position in State police/Revenue/Judicial Departments, law inspectors, legal officers in banks, judicial members of income tax, sales tax and excise departments and government advocates.

Public Prosecutor
Govt. Pleaders represent the State in courts and lends advice to officers in districts in all legal matters when called for.

Defense Service
They can work in the legal branches of defense departments. They conduct courts of inquiry and court martials of offending service personnel governed by the particular legislation acts.

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Legal Advisors
They work in legal departments of firms or for private clients. Legal advisors counsel their clients as to their legal rights and obligations and suggest the appropriate course of action in business and personal matters.

An advocate practices in the court of law. He represents a party (individual, group of individuals or a company) in the court.

Solicitor is a kind of advisor to clients on a variety of matters that involves law. Solicitors explain the cases of his clients to the advocates. Solicitors need never appear in court directly. Solicitor's firms undertake cases related to their area of work.

Those with a good aptitude and taste for teaching can go for LL.M and take up job in any University or Institute offering law courses to students.

An author and produces journals and legal commentaries and bring out law reports. They also write articles for magazines, newspapers etc.

Other fields
Lawyer can also work as legal counsel and legal advisers for firms, organizations and families. They can work as trustees of various trusts, as teachers, paralegal and legal assistant, law reporters, company secretary and so on.

Working as a lawyer requires excellent and persuasive oral and written communication skills. Lawyers must be detail-oriented, natural negotiators who enjoy research. The basic qualification for a successful career in the industry is degree in law (LL.B). However, some employers look for, other diploma courses in several disciplines of law, including Administrative Law, International Law, Labor Laws, Tax Laws and Corporate Laws in addition to the LL.B degree.