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Marketing Jobs
Marketing Jobs
Marketing jobs are imperial for the growth and stability of any organization, company, corporate. Every organisation irrespective to its size has the marketing department either big or small that makes the brand and product image. So marketing in the world is one such field that accommodates 30% of total working force. Career in marketing is actually flourishing and it is considered as one of the best jobs even during recession.

In marketing jobs measure to reach the targeted audience are made for the growth of the company. Different techniques like research, case studies are developed and learnt for the proper planning and execution of campaign. At senior level marketing jobs planning for the advertising and marketing campaign is done whereas this is executed at executive level.

Types of Marketing
  • Online Marketing or Internet Marketing
  • Offline Marketing
  • Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Direct Mail Marketing

In marketing jobs Marketing jobs are very challenging and changing so one must be prepared for this. If you are into online marketing job then every second day you will find different tools that can be used for your marketing campaign. But online marketing jobs are getting very hot as these are the office jobs and you are always in touch with the latest technology. For this one must be aware of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click) and other such techniques.

Offline marketing job include all the techniques of marketing like event management, print advertising, conferences, white paper, technical papers, press releases for the product or company and many more of this kind.

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Whereas in word of mouth marketing jobs what you have said and planned is push to the third person through word of mouth. For an example you have made a very good marketing and ad campaign that is running on an electronic media. The person who has watched this ad will tell the other about it and your product. This is the word of mouth marketing strategy.

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Educational Requirement for Marketing jobs There are many colleges giving the Bachelor's in Business Administration. You can go for this followed by Master in Business Administration with Marketing as a major subject. If not this then you can do the diploma in marketing. But along with degree you must have the conceptual think to understand the marketing and tomake plans.

If you want to pursue career in marketing and do not have the proper degree then also do not worry as there are many companies which provide the Marketing Graduate Training Program. These are
  • Mars
  • Nestle
  • Proctor & Gamble
Institutes For Marketing Communication Education
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi www.iimc.nic.in
  • MS University of Baroda, Gujarat www.msub.edu
  • Mudra Institute of Communications (MICA), Gujarat www.mica-india.net
  • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai www.nmims.edu
  • National Institute of Advertising, New Delhi www.nia.org
  • National Institute of Design, Gujarat www.nid.edu
  • University of Delhi, New Delhi
  • Symbiosis , SCDl. Pune
Categories of Marketing Jobs Marketing Director Jobs
Marketing director job is the top most marketing job. In marketing director job, director makes the plans, decides the budget and check the business development activities. The prime responsibility of the marketing director is to make annual marketing plan and implement it along with other development and business plans. Along with this the Marketing Operation budget is also planned by the marketing director where he or she has to take care the regional marketing budget as well. Also various communication activities like internal, external, public relation efforts and communication with vendors and client is also overseen by the marketing director. Marketing Director job is indeed a job of responsibilities. The following responsibilities included in marketing director jobs
  • Making Marketing Plans
  • Decision on Marketing Budget
  • Management of Marketing Suppliers
  • Controlling and Managing Business Development Activities
  • Checking Corporate Communication Activities
  • Management of Marketing Department
  • Development of Business Unit
Marketing Manager Jobs
In marketing manager jobs although there is no planning of budget like in director's job but still as a marketing manager employee has to make plan of marketing, communication and brand strategies. Check out the best means to execute communication this include press release, direct mail, marketing campaign, marketing material etc. Employees' work is greatly supervised in marketing manager job. So the marketing manager has to check the activities of employee working in his or her team. Along with this annual reports, press release, advertisements is also overseen. Also in marketing manager jobs, strong relationship with clients are build and maintained. Monthly or weekly report is also given to the marketing director or VP of the company.

To become are marketing manager in marketing jobs one must take Bachelor's degree in marketing and MBA in marketing. Also there is an option to do diploma in marketing. Apart from qualification one must have relevant experience in marketing. Along with education and experience, in marketing manager job the communication skills must be very sharp and one must have the ability to convince people.

Marketing Assistant Jobs
Handling trade shows, organizing events and conferences is the part of marketing assistant jobs. So in marketing assistant jobs almost all the communication related things are handled. As a marketing assistant coordination between the ad agencies, print suppliers and the company is developed. Also any news related to company is send for release and it is also posted on company's website (if any). Along with this product development and promotional strategies are also developed. Marketing assistant is also responsible for making media and marketing event budget.

Marketing Coordinator Jobs
As the name suggest, in marketing coordinator job events, meetings, exhibitions, trade shows etc are coordinated. Also the white papers and technical papers are created. Also the print and media campaigns are planned and conceptualized. Also the corporate website is maintained by the marketing coordinator. Production of company's newsletter, planning of marketing events, products, maintenance of database of media contacts is also part of marketing coordinator job.

Marketing Executive Job
Marketing executive job is actually the field job in which the marketing executive meet the client to introduce product or service. The brand image in the market is made by the marketing executive. Also in marketing executive job the executive has to work with the business innovation department for new ideas and use of all possible medias. Marketing plan is prepared and executed at this level. Competitor analysis is also done in marketing executive job.

Sales Marketing Jobs
Sales marketing jobs are also part of marketing jobs in which the product or service is sold and introduced to the clients.
Before applying to any job read the marketing job description properly.