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Media JournalismJournalism and media jobs are concerned with the collection and dissemination of news through the print media as well as the electronic media. Career in journalism is the prestigious profession as well as a highly paid one. With the invention of cable TV, numerous news channels that are working day and night, the jobs in media industry are increasing in number. Therefore the opportunities for journalists in journalism are endless and but at the same time, media jobs have become more challenging. Journalists have to compete with the each other for the good coverage, fast and quick coverage for the news or any other event. Get the help of reliable Manpower Consultants to find relevant media journalism jobs.

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Jobs in Media Industry in Inda India is one of the few countries from the global source to emerge as a significant actor in the international media market. India media and entertainment (M & E) industry is growing very swiftly that include film, television, print media, electronic media, online media, advertising among other media and journalism branches. It is expected that by the year 2013 the media and entertainment industry of India will grow to 12.5 per cent and with this the figure will touch $20.09 billion. This report was published by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and KPMG. Thus the International Journalist Community and Media Market are looking forward to overseas recruitment because of strong educational background and fluency that Indians have over the English and Asian languages. Owing to this there are many media job consultants in India that are offering recruitment to this industry.

Career Opportunities in Media & Journalism Media jobs are not only the field jobs as perceived by most of the people. Even the people who work in the media offices as editor, sub editor, proof reader etc are considered under the category of jobs in media industry. Career in media these days has also expanded to the Internet when all the major newspapers and TV channels have become online. Content writing, search engine optimizing SEO are few of the media jobs that can be categorized under media journalism jobs. Along with this electronic & digital media jobs in TV are all time favorite. On the whole the digital media jobs and career involves Internet, Online marketing, mobile/wireless, search engines, web designing & development & online audio and video. So the overall career in media can be as
  • Newspaper Reporter
  • TV News Reporting
  • Television Production
  • Magazine Writer
  • Advertising Executive
  • Radio Journalist
  • Public Relations Officers
  • Media Marketing Executives
  • Space Selling Executives
  • Actors, Directors and Producers
  • Audiovisual Production Specialists
  • Broadcast and Sound Technicians
  • Careers in Content
  • Cinema Projectionist
  • Copy Editor
  • Editors and Writers
What The Media Jobs Demand? An inquiring mind, a high degree of persistence, curiosity and a sensitivity and enthusiasm for the language are among the demands of a career in journalism/media. Journalism as a specialized field of study encompasses not only news writing or editing in the print media but also on the electronic media. The advances in telecommunications have made it possible for Journalism majors to enjoy the forays into New Media such as the Internet, and be involved in newspaper, magazine and broadcast productions such as television or radio. The writing-heavy demands of journalism may include the production of annual reports, speech writing and professional writing. There are numerous entry level media jobs, marketing media jobs, media sales jobs, digital media jobs and other types of jobs in journalism and media.

Employers look for graduates who can assimilate information, analyze situations, work in and build teams and above all communicate with clarity and with empathy using a variety of media resources.

Media professionals from India are in demand through out the world because of good understanding of the media/journalism, education and apt to learn and risk taking capabilities. So media professionals from India are not hard to find at the top positions in different print and electronic medias. To search journalism media jobs you can use various Internet sites that gives up to date information on these jobs. Along with this newspaper that publish jobs can also be searched for the latest jobs in media industry. Even these tools are also used by the employer to search media professionals to hirethem.

Education for Media Jobs Media jobs can be in print, electronic or online media. So based on that you can take the required education. If you want to pursue your career in print or electronic media then go for the graduation in Mass Communication from the University or College. Mass Communication degree can also be done as a distance learning program. You can also go for the post graduation in Mass Comm and Journalism for media journalism jobs in India and at International level. Apart from this there are many advance diplomas, short term courses, degrees that can be pursued for the career in media and journalism. For example
  • B. A. Journalism
  • B.Sc. In Multimedia and Multimedia Production
  • Bachelor of Journalism
  • Bachelor of Media Studies (BMS)
  • Certificate Courses in Animation
  • Certificate Courses in BS Communication

Top Colleges for Journalism and Media Education
  • Delhi University
  • Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
  • Center for Research in Art of Film and television (CRAFT), Rohini. New Delhi
  • National Institute of Creative Communication (NICC), Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore
  • The Asian College of Journalism
  • Media Mass Communication Journalism Institutes, New Delhi
  • IAAN School of Mass Communication, Delhi
After this search media journalism jobs can be done in order to get employment in the field of your choice.

What do the Recruiters look for? To become a journalist or media personality one should have an inquisitive mind, will power, an aptitude for presenting information in an accurate, concise and effective manner, organize their thoughts and to express themselves clearly both orally and in writing. At the same time a journalist has to be tactful, confident and organized. They must have the ability to sift relevant facts from the irrelevant. The ability to accept criticism and willingness to do considerable rewriting are also necessary.

Bachelor's degree or post-graduate degree in journalism/mass communication is required to pursue a career in this field. Additional course work, specialized training or experience, fieldwork or internship increases one's opportunities in the field.

Media Jobs Consultants
  • Advantage Media Consultants
  • Media Guru : Media Consultants for Television, Radio and Print
  • People Link Solutions
  • Dazzling Careers
  • Recruitix Consultants

Top Media Job Providers
  • Star India
  • New Delhi Television
  • Bennett Coleman & Co. (The Times of India Group)
  • Sony Entertainment Television
  • Zee Telefilms
  • Hindustan Times
  • The Indian Express Newspaper
  • Malayala Manorama & Co

International Media Jobs Companies
  • International Media Company, Netherlands
  • Viacom, USA
  • Pearson, USA
  • IMR, Johannesburg
  • PhoneReport, Bedfordview
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