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Medical Transcription Jobs

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Medical Transcription Jobs In medical transcription jobs or MT jobs the recorded report of doctor or physician is converted into text by medical transcriptionist. MT jobs are becoming popular in the job market and predominantly in US as their whole healthcare industry is based on the insurance and medical records that are required to make any medical claim.

Medical transcription job is an IT enabled job in which the medical records by the doctors, history and physical report of the patient, consultation reports etc are transcribed. To do this job the dictated reports by doctors, surgeon or physician is recorded on the tape which are then changed into written words by using word processors. Great accuracy, ability to listen carefully and great typing speed are the few requisites of medical transcription job but as such no IT knowledge is needed.

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The job can be as simple as the medical transcription job from home or it can be in an MNC that hire numerous medical transcriptionists for their clients.

Medical Transcription Jobs Requirement The medical transcription jobs require no basic training in IT or computers but it does require the knowledge of medical terms. Along with this one must be good in communication skills especially in understanding spoken English. As most of the medical transcription jobs are outsourced from US therefore one must understand US spoken English, their accents and slangs in order to begin medical transcription career. Also one must be very good at grammar and spellings. His or her memory skills should also be great. One must have the ability to sort things, maintain records and ability to verify numbers.

It is better to have BA in English, although it is not mandatory yet it will help you in getting job. Along wit this you can also get training in Medical Transcription (MT). Also the voice and accent training is given to the employees. It is generally the hiring organizations that gives you this type of training but today many small institutes and online institutes have come up that provide medical transcription courses and trainings. So before medical transcription job you can actually get the training that will help you in getting the job.

Medical Transcription Courses and Institutes
Several institutes all over India offer diploma courses in medical transcription. Qualifications required to pursue Medical transcription courses is not very high. Graduates and undergraduates can apply for such courses. The duration of a diploma program in medical transcription varies from 4 to 5 months.

The major institutes in India offering courses in medical transcriptions are-
  • Bajaj Institute of Information Technology (BIIT), Unit No-1, 1st Floor, C-4E Market Janak Puri, New Delhi 110058
  • Karltech Medical Transcription Pvt. Ltd 344 Block II, Ganga Shopping Complex, Sector 29, Noida, (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Indian Institute of Medical Transcription (IIMT), H-15, South Extension Part-1, New Delhi 110049
  • Shivam Institute of Medical Transcription (SIMT), D-53 Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-1, New Delhi 110020
  • Academy Of Medical Transcription, New Delhi
  • MDS Infotech LTD, B-219, Saraswati Vihar, Pitampura, Delhi 110034
  • Meditransindia (MTI), 29/1, Ashok Nagar, Jail Road, Tilak Nagar Circle, New Delhi 110018
Medical Transcription Job Responsibilities
  • MT will have to accurately put patient's information like name, address, medical record and social security number(SSN)
  • While transcribing punctuations, grammar and spelling are checked properly
  • Distribution of transcribed report and collection of recorded tapes
  • Maintain disk backup system

Most of the medical transcription jobs are work from home jobs rather than in hospitals. In US this industry is growing at the rate of 15% each year and at present worth $10 to $25 billion. India is the main country to which this work is outsourced as English is spoken widely in India and moreover Indian are able to understand American English with ease.

It is expected that medical transcription industry will keep on growing and flourishing as regulations in medical field and advancement in technology are never ending.

For the beginners the salary is Rs 5000 per month that can cross Rs 20,000 in two years. Along with incentives and perks as per the performance are also given.