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Modeling JobsModelling jobs have been one of the most sought after career options for many young people. Many young girls and boys take up this profession as a full time or part time profession. For some, this profession is the easy entrant to the world of fame, money and glamor. Some enjoy being in the limelight, for some this profession is an obsession and for some it is fun. Whatever the reasons, the modeling career is a very lucrative career.

Requisites to Become a Model Obviously the most important requisites to become a model is that you have the looks, attitude and intelligence. But then if you really want to become a model, then you need to plan much before taking the plunge into the modelling industry.

  • Well no doubt you need to look beautiful if you want to join the runway fashion world. You need to take proper care of skin, body and looks. You need to maintain your weight. You need to have a fit an toned body to walk on ramp. It is good idea to workout according to a fitness training program. There are some physical attributes required to become a fashion model in terms of height and weight and body size. But these also depend on what type of model you want to be.
  • There are no such formal educational requirements to become a model. But it is better to join a modelling school to get the proper guidance on dictum, poise, walking on ramps, applying makeup, presenting yourself to the world outside, etc. Modeling schools do not transform people into models but they help to form the base to become a model.
  • The most important requirement of a modelling career is a portfolio, where you can showcase your ability as a model to prospective employers. A professional portfolio always creates an impact.
  • Once you get your portfolio done by a professional photographer, it is better to contact a modeling agency.

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Role of a Modeling Agency A Modelling agency's main job is to find the model work. Modelling agencies work as the model's representative or agent. For finding the model work, they take a percent of what the model makes. In some states they are considered private employment agencies and must be licensed by the state. Modeling agencies help to provide employment for modeling but does not include the management of the client’s business affairs.

Types of Modeling Jobs High Fashion Modelling
This is the modeling for well known fashion houses and designer. This can be either at fashion shows or in publications. The high fashion modeling jobs are very well paid, highest among all modeling jobs. Usually to reach the position of a high fashion model you need to experienced and a famous model with a proven track record for this type of modeling.

Runway Modelling
Runway Models basically work in Fashion Shows. Here the fashion designers display their upcoming designs in fashion shows, which are later sold in store, mall, club etc. Here the models must fulfill the basic requirement of fitting into the clothes designed by the designers. Usually they need to very tall and slim, and should able to move well in clothes. This is highly-paid job, and one of the best ways to gain exposure.

Editorial Modelling
Editorial Modeling is more or less similar to high fashion modeling. The only difference is that he or she works for a particular publication or fashion magazine. Though the pay is not much, this kind of modeling is a good way to open the door to High Fashion Modeling.

Glamour Modelling
This type of modelling is purely based on physical appearance. The model must look very beautiful in the photographs. It can be a photograph of a pretty lady in an ethnic dress or casual dress or swim wear or lingerie. Nude photography, figure and art modeling also belong to this category.

Catalog Modelling
Catalog Modeling implies posing with fashion products, can be for jewellery, dress, cosmetics or lingerie. The models photographs are displayed in mail order catalogs or normal catalogs in clothes stores.

Specialty Modelling
This type of modelling profile requires only a certain parts of the body to be shown to advertise different products. It can be the masculine hands of a male model, or the beautiful hands or long legs or long hair of a female model or just the beautiful nails of a female model or just the face and so on. For instance, you can see such models in advertisements like that of pantyhose, stockings, hair products, nail paint, cosmetics etc. In other words, specialty models need to emphasize areas of their body that might be used for Specialty Modeling.

Character Modeling
In this modelling job, the model needs to act and look a common person like a schoolteacher, clerk, truck driver, mechanic, cleaning person, and so on. All models in television commercials are character models.

Trade Shows Modeling
Here only the female models get the chance. Not a permanent job profile. Female models work in various trade shows to demonstrate products, hand out leaflets or brochures, and answer questions.

Commercial Print Modeling
When male or female models are photographed to promote a product, it is referred as commercial print modelling. Photographs can appear on magazines, newspapers, buses and billboards.

TV Commercials Modelling
In TV commercials, there are various opportunities for models. Besides look and appearance, these models need to have some acting background. Many modeling agencies now include a TV Commercial Department.