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NGO Jobs NGO Jobs and NGO career is not a lucrative career but when you do something for a social cause then there is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than this. In NGO jobs you will help others who are in trouble and underprivileged. With the increasing instances of evils in society like girl child killing, rape, child abuses, poverty, malnutrition, mental depression, old age problems, the need for NGO jobs is mounting and more and more volunteers are required in this to help other.

NGO is an abbreviation on non governmental organization that is also called non profit organization. It is actually the social service that is rendered to the society owing to different kinds of distress as life today has become very complex leading to numerous emotional, social and economic issues that are of concern. Based on what kind of NGO job you are doing it can be categorized as clinical social work, community social work, medical social work, correctional social work and so on.
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Educational Requirement for NGO Jobs Although there is no hard and fast rule on the educational requirements of NGO jobs in India but if you have degree is social science then it will help you to understand the concept of NGO jobs more clearly. You can also go with the Masters in Social Welfare (MSW) as for some NGO jobs in India it is prerequisite. To do this, first of all you will have to do an under-gradute degree in any field be it arts, social sciences, philosophy, human behaviour or anthropology, sociology, psychology et al. After completing this you can then move ahead to do the MSW to get a NGO job. If not this then some MSW offering colleges also give admission to social workers and volunteers. The course also has the one year internship requirement. Different MSW programs have different scope. Like some focus on therapy, some focus on social work agencies and so on.

NGO Job Salary Do not consider about renumeration if you are doing the social work. The entry level salary depends upon what organization you have joined but generally it vary from Rs 5000-8000.

Top Organizations for NGO Employment UNICEF
UNICEF is the top most NGO at international level that works for the betterment of children. UNICEF fights for the rights and needs of the children and take every possible step so that they make to their potential. They also promote girl's education and ensures that every girl at least completes her primary education. UNICEF also make sure that every child is immunized properly so that they do not suffer or die from any kind of disease that is preventable. You can apply for the UNICEF jobs online in their website if you have passion to work for children. They have their online recruitment system.

Help Age
Help Age is a NGO in India that works for the better life of old and elderly people. India has estimated 90 million old person and out of this 33% live below the poverty line, 73% are illiterate and 90% are from unorganized sector of the society. Help Age is giving care services to the elder people both residing in urban and rural areas. So you can get NGO employment in this organization as well if you want to help old people.

Lepra Society
Lepra Society is a healthcare NGO in India focus on diseases like leprosy, TB, HIV/AIDS, Malaria control activities and Eye Care. Lepra Society fights against disease, disability and discrimination.

Deepalaya is a NGO that works on issues related to rural and urban poor with special attention to children. Deepalays has been working ind Delhi for the last 28 years covering the slum area of Delhi. Also the rural development of Uttrakhand and Haryana has been very effectively undertaken by the Deepalaya. Either you can look for NGO job at Deepalaya of you can donate something or sponsor a child to help Deepalaya and children.

Give India
Give India is an NGO that raise funds to help poorest of poor. It is actually a donation platform where you can choose from the list of more than 200 NGOs to support. The have many causes for which you can donate. These are children, disabled, education, elderly, employment, health, human rights, women and youth. Give India can be taken up to start an NGO job in India where you will work with the team of professionals.

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NGO job search can be done online as almost all the NGO and non government organizations are online today and publish their NGO vacancies online. So keep a track on different websites and check when they publish any new NGO job.