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Office Administrative All organizations need timely and effective office and administrative support to operate efficiently. Office and administrative supervisors and managers coordinate this support. Employment at this level is determined largely by the demand for administrative support workers. Continuing office automation due to new technology will increase office and administrative support workers' productivity and allow a wider variety of tasks to be performed by more people in professional positions, thus creating more and more job opportunities for Indian professionals.

The general growth in the various industries should have an impact on the need for administrative personnel. Nearly every sector should see a growing demand for administrative managers, administrative assistants, accountants, bookkeepers, clerks and customer service employees. Demand for administrative service managers will increase specially in management services, management consulting, and facilities support services firms. Employment growth in the health care and social assistance and legal services industries will also lead to average growth for medical and legal office staff.

Career Options at Administration & Office Management level

An Accountant provides professional-level accounting services for a work unit.

Budget Analyst
This specialist formulates, monitors, and analyzes a budget for a work unit.

Top Companies

Cash Management Clerk
This position is responsible for collecting entrance fees from park visitors, selling permits (such as backcountry camping), and selling passports

Purchasing Agent
A purchasing Agent handles small purchases ranging from locally available standard supplies and services to complex transactions involving technical services or supplies.

Administrative Officer
They are responsible for the planning, development, implementation, and execution of all phases of administration such as budget/fiscal programs, personnel management, procurement/contract administration, information resources management and property management.

Administrative Clerk/Technician
This support position provides administrative assistance in the major areas of budget, personnel, procurement, and property management.

Management Clerk/Assistant
This position provides support in the development and execution of management and/or program analysis or studies.

Office Automation Clerk/Assistant
An Office Automation Clerk/Assistant is required to utilize various automation hardware and software systems and applications.

Procurement Clerk/Assistant
A Procurement Clerk/Assistant provides clerical and technical support for a contracting and procurement operation

This clerical position provides typing, filing, mail processing and receptionist support for a work unit.

Contracting Specialist
A Contracting Specialist negotiates procurement actions and routine and complex contracts.

Employee Relations Specialist
This specialist provides advice and counsel to both employees and management on a variety of employee relations and/or benefit issues.

Labor Relations Specialist
This specialist administers serves primarily to provide advice and counsel to management on all labor relations issues.

Mail and Files Clerk
This office support position provides all services related to incoming/outgoing mail operations, maintaining files and records in accordance with agency regulations and National Archives Records Center.

This position is responsible for complete office management operations such as flow of correspondence, maintenance of calendars, filing systems, and serving as a confidential assistant.

The Employers look for :
He eligibility of candidates varies according to their job responsibilities. However, recruiters prefer managers with a graduate and professional degrees in administration and office management.

Although jobs for office and administrative support supervisors and managers are found in practically every industry, the largest number are found in organizations with a large administrative support workforce, such as banks, wholesalers, government agencies, retail establishments, business service firms, healthcare facilities, schools, and insurance companies.