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Publishing and TranslationAs the need for news and information continues to grow, the publishing industry will be in the forefront in the coming years.

The International Publishing Industry that includes the printing and publishing of books, newspapers, magazines, periodicals and journals, denotes a huge amount of publishing work for Indian Professionals. The basic requirements in terms of knowledge and experience remain the same in almost all the countries.

Career Opportunities in Publishing
In the Publishing industry, the processes that provide a wide range of career options are generally divided into editorial, design and production, marketing (sales and publicity), distribution and administration (which includes the accounting and general computing functions).

Editors, review, rewrite, edit the work of writers and may do original writing. Most publishing companies employ several types of editors, like :
The managing editor - Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the editorial department.

Associate/Assistant editors - Give assignments to writers and reporters, oversee projects, and do much of the editing of text.

Copy editors - Review manuscripts or reporters' copy for accuracy, content, grammar, and style.

Commissioning editors - Decide which manuscripts they would like to publish and whether to commission specific books and projects.

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The Design Department determines the overall look of the publication, overseeing placement of text, artwork and photographs, and any advertising on the page, and selecting type sizes and styles, or fonts.

Industrial production managers, with the help of production and planning clerks, oversee the production of the publication.

Magazines, newspapers, and directories, in particular, employ many advertising sales agents, who generate most of the revenue for these publications.

The department undertakes the planning of promotional campaigns. They undertake press advertising, press releases, prospectuses and catalogues.

Distribution covers invoicing, order processing, stock control, credit control, warehousing and shipping.

It is concerned solely with the contractual side of publishing, including the drawing up of the initial contract between the publisher and the author.

Skills in accounting and financial management can lead to top executive positions in publishing companies. The accounts department is responsible for, costing, pricing & purchasing of books for publication and the preparation and analysis of management information, including budgets and accounts.

Printing Machine Operators, Transportation and material moving occupations, Sales workers, Delivery services, Laborers and freight, stock, and material movers, hand Machine feeders, Packers and packagers and offbearers.

Employers prefer graduate & Post-graduate degrees in fine arts and excellent command over English or any other language for those interested in editorial jobs. Candidates interested in management, sales, administration and publicity department is expected to hold Post-Graduate degree from reputed institute in their respective fields.