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Purchase Supply ChainSupply chain management (SCM) is emerging as a complete industry that deals with the movement of raw material from the source to the consumer in the form of final product. Purchase supply chain deals with the planning, implementing and controlling the flow and check how the product or service is going to reach from the supplier to consumer. In which so ever industry it is used,the supply chain management has four stages that are

  • Sourcing
  • Procurement
  • Conversion
  • Logistics

Top Companies

Purchase Supply ChainManpower Consultants can play a vital role in purchase supply management. The branches of logistics and and liasoning are now developing very swiftly and have many job opportunities along with supply chain management jobs. The jobs can be in wide array of companies such as construction , Information & Technology , packaging , manufacturing et al.

The actual efficiency of the flow is measured by logistics team of the company which is the part of large SCM so there are abundant logistic jobs as well along with SCM jobs. The smoothness of purchase supply chain that is taken care by supply chain managers and the team, will determine the regular flow of product or service from source to consumer that in turn is healthy for the regular growth of the business. Supply chain job thus involve the complete system that also integrates organizations, activities, machines, technologies, various resources and information for the efficient flow of product, information or service from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

With the globalization every organization is now making changes in their organization structure in order to meet the international challenges and to manage the purchase supply chain performance. This in turn is generating numerous purchase supply chain jobs, logistics jobs and supply chain management jobs in India and at international level. In this, product and technological development has taken the front seat. The purchasing & supply chain jobs in India and at international level will focus more on cost reduction and local market penetration. The expansion of supply chain globally also needs product quality and safety. Supply chain manager checks the supply chain delivery and security for the proper flow of product. But supply chain manager found many barriers like limited flexibility in supply chain and less internal competency. Manger can overcome these by the properly managing the supply chain.

Hot Recruiters of Supply Chain Mangers and other Logistic Professionals
  • Anchor Electricals
  • Honeywell Automation India Lt
  • Larsen & Toubro Ltd
  • Chloris Management Services India Pvt Ltd
  • Educomp Solutions Ltd
  • Eimco Elecon (I) Ltd.
  • Biotron Healthcare (I) P. Ltd
  • Must Garment Pvt Ltd
  • Accenture
  • Biomax Fuels Ltd
  • Four Soft Ltd
Title for Purchasing Manger Jobs and Supply Chain Jobs in India
  • Commodity Buyer
  • Head of Procurement
  • Head of Supply
  • Implementation Manager
  • Inventory Manager
  • Material Manager
  • Procurement Officer
  • Purchasing Executives
  • Supplier Manager
  • Supply Planner
Supply Planner
This field is about managing relationships, not only with suppliers, but also with all other departments in an organization. This profession requires strong negotiating abilities, analytical and communication skills and an ability to think strategically. Purchasing and supply management professionals should also be comfortable working with various professionals in all fields. Recruiters look for good management and communication skills for the supply chain job along with diploma or degree in supply chain mgmt.

Educational requirements of the International employers tend to vary with the size of the organization. Large corporate and distributors, especially those in wholesale and retail trade, prefer applicants with a university degree in business/finance or specialized education, (including training in leading-edge strategies and techniques for purchasing, supply chain management, logistics and transportation, strategic planning and management). A master's degree is essential for advancement to many top-level purchasing manager jobs.

Career in Supply Chain ManagementTo begin your career in supply chain management you need to go through the proper education for which there are many institutes and colleges in India. Your graduation can be in retail management/finance/B.E./B.Tech/BBA/Any Graduation. You can then join the below given institutes for education and career as supply chain manager in India and abroad.
  • The Centre for Supply Chain Management (C-SCM)
  • Indian Institute of Management
  • NSHM College of Management and Technology
  • Supply Chain Management Institute
  • CII Institute of Logistics (CIL), Chennai
  • National Institute of Retail Management, NIRM

You can go for the regular studies or the distance learning education in supply chain management and logistics. Like CII Institute of Logistics (CIL) offers one year correspondence Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics Management. After completing this getting supply chain job India is easy.

Company can have its own supply chain & logistics team or can outsource this work to the supply chain consultants in India or abroad. Supply chain management, vendor management, plant operations and management and purchasing and materials planning are some of the areas where supply chain jobs in India are generated. Along with this there are many supply chain jobs opportunities in India that include the following
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory Management
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Contract Management
  • Supplier Relations
  • Traffic Management
  • Customer Relationship Marketing
  • Materials Management
  • Production Controls
  • Supplier Management
  • Customer Service
  • Materials Analysis
  • Quality Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Logistics
  • Vendor Quality Assurance
  • Forecasting

The supply chain jobs India, logistics jobs & supply chain management jobs include the finding of inefficiencies in the supply chain and to improve it for the timely and efficient delivery of product to the customer as performance of supply chain can dramatically effect the company's performance. So the need of supply chain management or SCM has been felt dramatically these days that is a very challenging job in itself. .

Logistics is the part of supply chain and has many career opportunities that can be Acquisition logistics, Reverse Logistics, Cargo Logistics, Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) et al. In any export or manufacturing house the logistics team determines the cost of product while purchasing it, on time shipping of the product and timely delivery to the consumer. Logistic job also involves the handling of export-import contract and negotiating with the customer department. With globalization almost all the manufacturing, import as well as export houses need logistics managers and supply chain mangers to manage the whole show efficiently.

Supply chain management and logistic has thus acquired a very big silhouette. Supply chain logistics job include few of the following functions:
  • Cost management
  • Payment to vendors according to ISO guidelines
  • Vendors evaluation
  • Handling legal cases of the company
  • Statistics reports
  • Audit of invoices
  • Accumulation of expenses
List of Career Options in Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Strategic Planner
  • Purchasing Agent/Analyst/Assistant
  • Materials Analyst
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Materials Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Commodity Manager
  • Supplier Relationship Manager
  • Inventory Manager
  • Manger of Corporate Materials
  • Supplier Quality Project Manager
  • New Product Procurement Planner
  • Traffic Manager
  • Supplier Management Analyst
  • Supplier Quality and Procurement Manager
  • Inventory Planner
  • Contract Analyst
  • Buyer/Planner
  • Supply Manager
  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • Strategic Sourcing Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
Supply Chain Consultants in IndiaAs the demand for the supply chain management is increasing so does the need for supply chain consultant and consulting jobs in India. The job of logistics is now a days outsourced to the supply chain consultants who check the supply chain performance of the company. Supply chain consultants are the companies that take care the chain supply of their clients.

Supply Chain Consultant Companies
Supply chain consultant companies check how the supply chain management consultants help their clients to support timely delivery of product to have lasting competitive edge thus assist the organization in achieving high performance.
  • Bain & Company
  • Viewlocity Technologies
  • Rockford Consulting Group
  • Accenture
  • Bristlecone
  • Supply Chain Consulting for SAP
  • Logistics Supply Chain