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Radio Jockey Jobs Radio jockey job is an exciting, promising and challenging career for someone who has a passion for music. Gone are those days when the only source of entertainment for most people was the radio. With the advent of Television and the Internet, there was no doubt the the popularity of radio suffered badly. However, the opening of the FM radio has infused a new life to radio. With the transformation from amplitude modulation (AM) to frequency modulation (FM) channels, there was an upsurge in various private radio stations like Radio Mirchi, Radio Mid-Day, Red FM, Radio City, etc, leading to a resurgence in the popularity of Radio. The FM boom has open up a lots of opportunities to young, energetic and enthusiastic who have a passion to music and to entertain. The Radio Jockeying profession in India has taken off in recent years and will definitely shoot up in the near future. It is a profession in which one get recognization by their voice.

What is a Radio Jockey? Radio Jockeys are those who anchor programs on radio. The main role of an RJ is to provide entertainment to the listeners by playing music or conveying messages in an attractive way so as to easily charm the listeners. Besides playing the favorite numbers from listeners, a radio jockey also needs to interview celebrities, guests, organize and manage contests and also provide information on the music, including extra information as news, weather and traffic. The job profile also includes selecting music, scripting and presenting radio shows. It is said that the success of a radio station depends to a great extent on the performance of the Radio Jockeys.

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Qualities Required in Radio Jockeys Radio jockeys have an unique style of communicating to the listeners. Each of them follows their own style so that they can be identified by their voice. Besides having a good voice, an RJ also needs to be friendly, spontaneous, dynamic, warm and spontaneous. An RJ's profession requires a lot of hard work and presence of mind. Usually, it is the youngsters of today who are preferred in this field as they have new ideas, concepts and are full with enthusiasm. Those who are interested in making a career in radio jockeying must listen to a lot of radio so that they know how the RJ's handle the calls, interact with the listeners, how they come up with new ideas, how they answer tricky questions from the listeners and most important of all, how they pack their voice with lots of energy and enthusiasm. It is important to note that a radio jockey must be capable to make the listener has a feel of face-to-face talk. He acts as brand ambassador of the FM channels.

Eligibility of Radio Jockey The job of an RJ is of diversifying nature depending on the subject matter of the program. Certain basic qualifications are required. The basic eligibility criteria is that the person should be at least a graduate and should not be more than 35 years of age. But in certain private radio channels, even plus-two qualified persons are also eligible. The other eligibility criteria are which are inherent and can be improved upon through practice and experience are as follows:
  • Good Voice
  • Good Diction
  • Flare and Fluency
  • Accurate Pronunciation
  • Flow in the language spoken
  • Presence of mind
  • General awareness
  • Willingness to learn and grasp the entertainment industry's rules
  • Voice contact with listeners rather than eye contact
Radio Jockey Course There are not much of training institutes for Radio Jockeying . Though there are number of universities and institutes that offer courses in communication and broadcasting but there are very few of them which offer specialized courses in Radio Jockeying field. The radio jockey course vary from two-month certificate course to one-year post-graduate program. There are crash courses in voice overs or mixing run by professionals. Formal training is just not enough. There are many qualities that need to be developed on own by listening to various other radio announcers, on BBC and other channels and also to get proper exposure.

Some well known courses are mentioned below:
  • AIR: All India Radio offers a two-month in-house training course to its RJs. The Take One Academy of Broadcasting, Chandigarh: This institute offers trainees a chance to present a show on the local AIR channel once a week.
  • The Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA): This is a well institute which takes in students through CAT (IIM), offers internship with FM radio channels as part of its one-year graduate programme in Broadcasting Management.
  • Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai: This offers a course called ABCD - Announcing, Broadcasting, Compering and Dubbing.
Check out the Radio Jockey Colleges in India Career in Radio Jockey The career prospect in radio jockeying is quite impressive. Various leading FM channels and private radio ventures offer job opportunities. They can find work in AIR (All India Radio) and other independent radio stations. With more and more such channels coming up, there will definitely be large requirement for such persons. The earning is anything between Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month initially. With experience, there is a sharp rise in the income levels. Radio Jockeys can also go for advertisement jingles for radios, television channels, voice overs, and anchoring. They can also lend their voices to audio magazines and documentaries. They can anchor TV shows or live shows or events.

There are two ways of entering this field:
  • By audition
  • by approaching a software producing company
Usually, if a prospective candidate is chosen by audition, he or she is given in-house training for 2 months in everything from playing CD players to mixers to Digital audio technology etc. The software companies generally opt for experienced radio jockeys.