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Real Estate jobsThere is a continuous need for employees in private firms and government agencies concerned with developing, appraising, financing and merchandising residential, commercial and industrial real estate.

Real estate agents and brokers will experience massive employment growth in the coming years due to the increasing housing needs of a growing population, as well as the perception that real estate is a good investment. Low interest rates will continue to stimulate sales of real estate, resulting in the need for more Indian Professionals in the national & international market.

Career Opportunities
Real estate majors has opportunities for employment with commercial banks, saving associations, insurance companies, mortgage bankers, consulting firms, real estate developers, property management firms, and residential or commercial and industrial brokerage offices also offer employment.

Types of Careers in Real Estate

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Careers in Residential Brokerage
These Real estate professionals help people buy and sell homes (one of the most important and basic services a real estate agent performs). They need to have thorough knowledge of areas as real estate law, local economics, fair housing laws, types of financing, mortgages and government programs.

Careers in Commercial Brokerage
Commercial brokers specialize in income-producing properties, such as apartment and office buildings, retail stores and warehouses, shopping centers and industrial parks. Commercial brokers may also have to arrange financing.

Careers in Industrial and Office Brokerage
Industrial and office brokers specialize in the developing, selling or leasing property used for industry or manufacturing.

Careers in Property Management
The property manager's primary function is to maintain the property in order to produce the highest possible financial return over the longest period of time.

Careers in Land Development
Land development is one of the most important and challenging specialties in real estate today. Developers turn land into profitable, marketable developments - residential, commercial or industrial.

Careers in Real Estate Appraising
Real estate appraisers determine the value of properties, like, assessed value for tax purposes, investment value or present value for a potential investor, "book" value for accounting purposes, rental value for income projections and insurable value.

Careers in Urban Planning
Urban planners work with local governments and other civic groups to anticipate their city's future growth. They propose physical changes to accommodate this growth.

Careers in Real Estate Counseling
Real estate counselors are in the business of giving advice about property. They are the experts others seek when they want answers to real estate questions.

Careers in Real Estate Research
Real estate researchers contribute to the decisions of many other real estate specialists. Brokers, property managers, appraisers, financing experts and counselors all depend on data provided by research.

The real estate profession has expanded and offers one of the widest career selections in the business world today. The employers look for candidates with good academic background and prefer those with a professional degree/diploma in the field, excellent communication skills & interpersonal skills.