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Sales jobsAs the market for Professional Services grows ever more competitive, the demand for Indian Sales Personnel has grown globally.

It has been recognized that to be successful a company need a professional approach to aspects of sales and marketing, from developing relationships with clients to market analysis to campaign planning. Employment of sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing, is expected to grow in the coming years, due to continued growth in the variety and number of goods to be sold.

Jobs will be most plentiful in small wholesale and manufacturing firms because a growing number of these companies will not rely on agents to market their products as a way to control their costs and expand their customer base. However, job prospects for wholesale sales representatives will be better than those for manufacturing sales representatives because manufacturers are expected to continue contracting out sales duties to independent agents rather than using in-house or direct selling personnel.

The brightest sector for sales is projected to be sales manager and account representative opportunities in advertising, marketing, promotions, and public relations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jobs in these areas are projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations overall thanks to intense competition both domestically and globally for products and services and the need to differentiate and distinguish products in the customer's mind.

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Job prospects will be best for persons with the appropriate knowledge or technical expertise as well as the personal traits necessary for successful selling.

Potential Careers Options
Those looking for a career in this industry can find jobs as :
  • Outside sales
  • Sales manager
  • Counter manager
  • Operations manager
  • Satellite manager
  • Regional sales manager
  • Branch manager
The employers look for
A wide range of educational backgrounds is suitable for entry into sales managerial jobs, but many employers prefer those with experience in related occupations plus a commerce background. A master's degree Marketing is in demand. However, requirements vary, depending upon the particular job.

The candidate must have an outgoing personality; confidence; self-motivation; strong interpersonal skills; critical thinking; computer awareness; trustworthiness; persistence; attention to detail and ability to follow through.