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Security jobsEmployment of security officers is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2012 as concern about crime, vandalism, and terrorism continue to increase the need for security. Numerous job openings, all across the world, will stem from employment growth attributable to this desire, for increased security. In addition to full-time job opportunities, the limited training requirements and flexible hours attract many persons seeking part-time or second jobs.

The Demand for guards will also grow as private security firms increasingly perform duties, such as monitoring crowds at airports and providing security in courts, which were formerly handled by government police officers.

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Career Opportunities
The security field can be divided into specialized disciplines that provide numerous career options

Physical Security
Physical security personnel oversee proprietary or contract uniformed security operations, identify security system requirements, assess internal and external threats to assets, and develop policies, plans, procedures and physical safeguards to counter those threats.

Information Security
It deals with issues such as who should access the data and how the privacy data, proprietary information, contractual information, and intellectual property is stored, controlled, marked, disseminated and disposed of.

Personnel Security
Personnel security encompasses background investigations, drug testing, and other pre-employment screening techniques, as well as adjudication of results and granting security clearances and other information access privileges.

Information Systems Security
Information systems security personnel develop procedures and safeguards to protect against hackers and other unauthorized efforts to access data, viruses, and a number of other threats to information systems.

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The Employers look for :
  • Social Perceptiveness
  • Critical Thinking
  • Important Abilities
  • Oral Expression
  • Sound Localization
  • Response Orientation
  • Night Vision
  • Selective Attention

International Recruiters usually prefer individuals who are high school graduates or hold an equivalent certification. Many jobs require a driver's license and a formal training course. For positions as armed guards, employers often seek people who have had responsible experience in other occupations.