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Telecom JobsTelecommunications is a huge and growing industry. Opportunities are great in a wide variety of companies that make hardware and software and provide services that enable communication.

It is predicted that Employment growth in the various occupations in the telecommunications industry is expected to increase by 7% every year. Indian engineers witness a huge demand in the International Telecommunication Industry, as they are considered to be icons of high-tech executives, telecomm technicians, installers, mechanical engineers, telecomm marketers and desk top support people in Telecomm companies all around the world. Reliable Manpower Consultants can play a vital role in finding relevant telecom jobs.

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Telecom Jobs in IndiaFrom cable television to telephone service to the Internet, we depend daily on the stability and reliability of our telecommunications network, and those who make careers in the industry can look forward to strong, steady growth. The various career options available in this field for telecom professionals are :

Engineers of various types are in great demand in this industry. Although the specifics of different assignments vary (for example, field engineers will install equipment at a customer site, and network engineers will plan network needs).

Test Engineers
The test engineer telecom professional makes sure the product works. This career option holds a lot of potential, since, the test cycle is often as long as the development cycle.

Software or Applications Engineers
You can also search telecom jobs as software or application engineer. These engineers concentrate on writing code. Most companies require code to be written on Unix-based machines.

Product Managers
Product managers telecom professional in India determine what service or product the target audience requires and then help develop it, be it wireless service, DSL, caller ID, or voice mail. This position generally requires an MBA or similar experience with another company, preferably in networking or data communications.

Customer Support Staff
Customer support answers customer phone calls or e-mails, helping to solve problems. This includes everything from identifying problems to fixing bugs. This is often a good place to start a career in telecom, particularly if one lacks an engineering background.

Public Relations and Government Relations
The role the government has played in regulating telecommunications has resulted in a number of jobs within the major companies to work with the government and press to enhance relations. These include lobbying government officials, helping draft legislation, and working with the press.

Related Careers
There are many professions that are closely connected with the Telecommunication Industry. These include career options as, Communication Equipment Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers, Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Installers and Repairers, Frame Wirers, Power Reactor Operators, Power Distributors and Dispatchers, Radio Mechanics, Signal and Track Switch Repairers

Check out Telecom Jobs Through Telecom Job Portals Requirements in Telecom Jobs The Recruiters look for
Candidates with a professional degree in Telecommunications have a competitive advantage. Skills, abilities and knowledge the employer seek in an aspirant include combination of :
  • Computer programming
  • Software design
  • Basic telephony
  • Laser technology
  • Fiber optics
  • Cellular technology
  • Data compression skills
  • Sales ability with knowledge of telecommunications terminology
  • Business knowledge
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Control Precision
  • Problem Identification Skills