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Web Content WritingContent writing is a flourishing segment of writing in which the writer writes for the websites. Content writing jobs although does not include any technical knowledge but as a web content writer you must be familiar with the style of web writing, basic knowledge of word and computer. The content writing is different from creative writing or writing for any other print media. In print writing writer just writes on a particular topic without worrying about the keyword. While writing for web, you need to take care keywords the most. The keyword selection, use of these keywords in meta tags and putting the same in the content is very crucial because the proper use of the keywords and quality of your content will define the position of the particular page on the search engine result page. Any website content writing must be done in a way that the page appears in the first three position of the search engine result page to gain maximum profit. Getting position and thus the visitors is the basic for which the content is written.

Content writing jobs are getting the push as the search engine give preference to the websites that have unique and relevant content in them. At present there are numerous websites that are running by small to large business organization thus offering the website content writing jobs. The small organization will look for the freshers as they pay less whereas large organization will take experienced content writers. So you can enter into website content writing job as a novice and then with experience in this field you can become the content editor, seo content writer, manager, online marketing et al.

SEO (search engine optimization) content writers along with doing web content writing also optimize the website and the pages of the website. This is of two types on site optimization and off site optimization, Boom marking in the social sites, blogging, article writing comes under off site optimization whereas writing keyword specific content is the on site optimization. As a content writer you will have to consider all these if you want to grow in this field.

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Next thing that can boost your career in content writing is the knowledge how you can use pay per click ads (ppc). Some of the organizations run their adword campaign to promote their websites. These are the paid ads and the advertiser pays when the visitor clicks on the ad coming on the right side of the search engine result page.

Educational Requirements to do Content Writing Job Even if you are a graduate and has the flair of writing you can become the content writer and get the content writing job. But if you are really interested to become a professional web site content writer then better to get degree in communication and journalism. You can also pursue you Master's in communication and Journalism. Then there are many online content writing schools like The Writing School, HWG, Wavelength et al that can teach you content writing and everything on how to write a content and optimize it.

Content Writing
This is the basic level of content writing in which the writer needs to find out keywords specific to the topic given and then weave the whole web content around it. The length of the content vary from 500 to 1500 but there is no hard and fast rule for the length of the content. Now keywords are the words or phrases that visitors use for searching that particular product. Say for an example “content writing jobs” is a key phrase that is searched by you. So if you are writing a content on that it then this phrase must be used in meta tags and in your content. To find keywords different tools like adword, word tracker, Google suggestion. The most important keyword must come in the title, description, keyword tag and content. Sites. The web content writing jobs are such that you can also do these from your home and also as a freelancer. You can find many online projects that can be completed in the given period of time and submitted. The employer pay you for this. Many housewives are now opting this work from home types of job in which the content writing jobs are the most sought after.

Seo Content Writing
Seo content writing is similar to content writing, but here after writing the content, writer must also do the social media optimization for the site or for a particular page that he or she has written. Following the writing and uploading the website content, content writer in some organizations need to optimize it off site, which means that the page must be book marked and article having link of that page must be written for articlesites like Ezine, articlebase, blogger.

Adword Specialist
Adword Specialist takes care of the ads that appear in the search result. For this the company runs an adword campaign and sanction the particular amount. This amount is that utilized for making ads. To write ads also a content writer is required that write keyword specific ad.

Online Marketing
Online marketing for the website includes all the techniques that or social media optimization (SMO), search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). There is no clear cut demarcation of all these as these are overlapping terms in respect to duties. Senior content writer must know all these to gain further position.