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Web Design and Development Jobs

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Web Design and Development Jobs Web design and development jobs are primarily concerned with web design industry. A web designer has to create the web page or website for the client, company or for himself or herself. For this, web designer has to get the specification from client or company that how they want their business on web, which color they want, what image and where they want it. Also in design and development job, designer tend to look far beyond the page look of the page. He or she has to take care the page size, downloading time, proper use of tags, html, jss, css optimization and other features for static and dynamic sites.

The basic thing that every web designer must know to get the web design job is HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), Java Script, Photoshop and Flash. Any website will definitely have all these. One must also has the working knowledge of FTP (file transfer protocol) and server/browser compatibility. But web design job is never ending as every now and then there are new techniques coming in the market. So more you learn more will be the pay package and better will be the company.

Web designer besides technical skills must possess creative mind and communication skills as he or she has to communicate with client to get required information.

How to Become a Web Designer? One can become a web designer after taking courses specific to this. You can ask for the web designing courses which are of six to one year of duration. Also degree like Bachelor's in Information Technology (BIT) or Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA) can be done, which is an added advantage. You can also go for the Masters degree in information technology and computer application.

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Person from the graphic designing, fine arts and publishing background can also get the web design job if they combine computer science with their courses.

Some people even learn the skills on their own and become masters of their traits. You can also get the individual certification for the same. You can get the web design certification in the following categories:

Certifications in Web Designing
CIW Associate CIW Associate certification is for the beginners and just needs one exam that covers the internet, page authoring and basics of networking. Once you clear this you can go for the CWP Associate Certification
CWD (Certified Web Designer) Association of Web Professionals (AWP) give the Certification of Certified Web Designer. Again there is only one exam which requires the knowledge of internet and web design.
HTML Developer Certificate from W3C World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) sets standards for internet and test you on HTML, XHTML and CSS. This is one of the best certification in web design you can get. Web design jobs after this are much easier to get.

How to Find Web Design Job? To find web design and web development jobs you will have to examine the job title. It may or may not contain the word web. You can also search with the words like graphic designer, layout artist, digital developer, software engineer, information architect and so on. Then check the description of the job it must be related to the following areas.
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL Database
  • Flash, Photoshop
The type of job that you get will depend upon your ability, knowledge and experience. But the beginners must know the HTML, CSS, JS, flash and photoshop in order to get their first web design job.

Role and Responsibilities of Web Design and Development Job
  • Web designer is responsible for the layout, appearance and usability of the website
  • Web designer must know how to make static and dynamic websites
  • Web development job also include the content formatting, CSS and JS creation, use of photoshop
  • Web server and how to launch a website on server
Higher Level Web Design and Web Development Job
  • Web Server Administration
  • Project Management
  • Webmaster

Webmaster is web design and development jobs work in three main areas. In the first part webmaster looks after the existing sites and maintains them. Browser compatibility along with other things like optimization, SEO is checked here. Then comes the project development part in which programming is the main focus. For this this the webmaster must have the knowledge of programming languages that are used in the industry. You can pick one and become master of it. Almost all are inter-related. Next thing that a webmaster needs to handle is the web development, new page or application development. For this the developer look for an idea and work on that.

Assistant Designer
Develops websites
Project Manager
Designing in charge of one of several projects

Web Development Web development absorbs every activity that is done to create a website for internet. So web design job is part of web development that also includes content development, web server configuration and client side/server-side scripting. But today in the professional world it is mostly related to the non designing part of the website that includes coding and writing markup languages. From simple static website to large complex social sites, forum and e commerce sites are the example of web development. Web development industry has grown profusely. There were less than 1000 web development companies in 1995 but the number rose to 30,000 in 2005 and by 2010 it will grow 25% more. So if you are looking web design and development job then sure you will get it in ever expanding industry.